Female freedom fighters..

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In between all the seriousness, I occasionally take a time-out and entertain myself with some juicy gossip, – but then gossip sometimes turns out to be very serious business as well..

In my car, yesterday, I turned on the radio, and that is how I heard about..

Veena Malik, – Pakistani “Bollywood”  actress. Story here

I was then inspired to present a couple of other great heroines, and if you notice they are all fighting against Islamic oppression, well.. that is no coincidence..

                  Veena Malik – ( ISI : Pakistani Intelligence Agency… )

ayaan hirsi ali submission                           Ayan Hirsi Ali  – (You ought to know her ! )

                  Shabana Rehman – Pakistani-Norwegian comedian and
famous  “Mullah-lifter”.

                  Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, – Egyptian activist and nude blogger


Deeyah- The Muslim Madonna           Deeyah – The “Muslim Madonna” – Norwegian-Pakistani singer
and activist.


Ps.  Think this Nude Tree fits in nicely..

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9 responses to “Female freedom fighters..

  1. So womens liberation is women getting naked. Now thats the kind of feminism men can get behind. Hey ladies I am a freedom fighter I would like to help liberate you from your clothes. Seriously though I respect a womans right to get naked or do whatever she wants but how is this really a political statement. If its meant to be part of typical Islamophobic prejudice it is a very reactionary one. Have you noticed that the big Islamophobes in America also hate womens rights and are actually trying to ban contraceptives. Christian extremist white supremacists crusaders the most bloodthirsty murderous rapist scourge the world has ever seen, and have you heard Israelis want to force women on the back of the bus. So those are the main forces of AntiIslamism, the handful of feminists that trumpet that cause are just useful idiots. Obviously there are a lot of sexist people who happen to be Muslim but I have also met a lot of empowered independent Muslim women at my college who are intensely proud of their hijab and their faith, they don’t seem particularly oppressed and I wouldn’t dare suggest they get naked for freedom.

    • Thanks for your comment. You sound intelligent, so on second thoughts I’m sure you will admit women’s liberation has got little to do with getting naked, don’t be silly. So why are “they” getting naked ? -- To make a statement: Noone save myself should tell me how to (un)dress, what to think, what to say. Also, -- these courageous women, -- (shame on you for calling them “useful idiots !) -- who have all payed a heavy price for their defiance, are acting not only on their own behalf, but on behalf of suppressed women everywhere. If you really can’t see this as a political statement, then read their personal stories and you will see these women are doing A WHOLE LOT MORE than wearing no or little clothing. -- And who is making a fuss about it ?? -- These female freedom fighters are activists in the finest sense of the word, and you WILL realize as much if look beyond their nakedness..

      You have a point about majority of “Islamophobes” being on the “right” side, and yes, many are also Christians, even here in Denmark. I see that as a bit problem, and I have criticized and written about it time and again, -- not as you would expect perhaps, ’cause my criticism is not directed towards the “right” side. I don’t care much about the mentioned white surpremacists. I agree with you in that they are just as stupid, intolerant and backwards themselves. No, -- my criticism is directed towards leftists, who seem to have all but forgotten Marx’s dictum: Religion is the opiate of the masses . I could talk about that at lengh, but look around my blog and you’ll know what I mean. You will also learn that I do not hesitate calling myself an Islamophobe, although I really don’t like this silly notion that, in my opinion, is used mainly to demonize criticism of Islam.

      So “Israelis” want to force women on the back of the bus ? -- Nonsense, -- a few stupid, intolerant and backward Orthodox Jews want that, but unlike Muslim nations, Israel is a democracy, and besides Israel has a surprisingly high percentage of atheists , check it out yourself if you don’t believe me.

      Independant Muslim women at your college: It is very positive indeed that Muslim women in the West are getting degrees, and here in Denmark too, lots of Muslim girls are working / studying like maniacs to become Doctors, Lawyers, etc. -- I support that whole-heartedly, and I will have to take your word for it, that Muslim women at your college are as independent as you say. However, I am rather sceptical.. -- There is more social control than meets the eye.. -- and I take note of you saying they don’t seem oppressed..

      Still, they are on the right track, and -- between you and me: I for my part would gladly suggest they get naked.. { ; -- )

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  3. Sigh, Israel is not a democracy if you are an living under occupation, and there are plenty of Muslim democracies, the largest of which have all had female heads of state.

    • Plenty of Muslim democracies ? -- You’ve got to be joking, but I suspect you are not.. -- As I see it, only Turkey is a democracy, but still a “democracy” with plenty of human rights issues. In Indonesia and Pakistan the military has far too much power, and it is ludicrous to call them democracies. It is too tiresome to list all human rights issues, but for starters, atheism is not permitted in Indonesia, and we all know what happens to apostates all over the Muslim world, right ? -- Then, in the entire Arab world there is not (yet) a single democracy to my knowledge, so if you’ve heard of any, please let me know..

      As for Israel, that is some strange logic you are applying. Apart from the misuse of the word “occupation”, this “occupation” is completely irrelevant to democracy in Israel. Let’s get this straight: Israel “occupied” the West Bank in 1967 because of imminent danger from combined Arab forces. Do you think they should have just waited for an all-out assault, as they did in 1973, when they were very nearly run over ? -- Believe me, there is nothing Israel desires more than peace with it’s Arab neighbours. Peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan proves it. The problem with the West Bank and Gaza is that the PA -- notably Hamas -- will not even recognize Israel’s right to exist, so what exactly do you expect ? -- Israel has to defend itself, -- period !

      Read my recent article on a solution to the refugee problem: Palestinian refugee problem: Deconstructing the right of return barrier…

  4. You don’t seem to understand what a democracy is. I suggest you look up the rankings on the democracy index of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan -- three of the largest Muslim majority states and all three have had female heads of state. They might not be nordic utopias but they are nonetheless considered democratic.

    Your response fails to address this, instead you prefer to head off on an rant about liberalism. Sadly I have come to expect this from someone who supports someone like Pat Condell and goes as far as to deny that there is even an occupation, as well as fabricates how the occupation came to be.

    The occupation, which is very real and very illiberal, came about after Israel launched the 1967 war against Egypt, having invaded it previously around 10 years earlier,

    Israel desires pieces of the West Bank far more than it desires Peace, hence why it rejects Geneva Conventions as well as international rulings that conclude that the settlement project and the location of the wall are both illegal. It seems you are for human rights, but not when those humans are Arabs, Typical hypocrisy and cult like denial of reality.

    • You said: “It seems you are for human rights, but not when those humans are Arabs” That is utter nonsense, and you’d know as much if you cared to read my solution to the refugee problem, which is VERY generous, so read that, then come back and say the same again without shame.

      I couldn’t care less about Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan being “considered” democratic. A democracy must grant Universal Human Rights to everyone, and that is not exactly the case, is it, so THAT is what counts. Democracy my bare ! -- and there’s your reason(s) for my “liberal rant”.

      So you don’t like Pat Condell eh ? -- I’d be interested to know why, although I do have qualified guesses..

      What YOU fail to address is the very survival of Israel, and I do hope you are not indifferent.. -- So could you answer this: Was or was Israel not in danger of being run over by combined Arab forces in 1967 ? -- as well as in 1973 ? -- as well as in 1948 ? -- as well as right now, if it wasn’t because Arabs are busy killing their own.. -- At the end of the day that is what Israeli policy is about: It’s very survival, and it is so f… easy for spoiled outsiders like yourself to tell Israel what it should and should not do ! -- Several peace-proposals have been on the table, and each time the Palestinians said no.

      So the wall is illegal eh ? -- Would you rather have continuous suicide-attacks, all of which have been prevented by this wall ? -- You get the point ? -- Israel does what it takes to DEFEND itself, -- what would YOU have done ? -- And why is it people like you are so obsessed with this particular wall ? -- There are walls all over the world, and why is it we never here any complaints about them.. -- Why is it Muslims and the European and US left is so obsessed with Israel ? -- I am not asking because I have no answers, it is just that I find THAT hypocritical, now that you mentioned hypocracy yourself.. -- Take Iran, -- and you tell me why on earth they should be so hatefull against Israel ? -- Two countries seperated by over 1000 km. and with no previous history of hostility. You don’t really believe they care about Palestinians, do you ?

      And your own hypocritical obsession.. -- what exactly are your reasons ?

  5. When someone denies history and reality, as you do when you deny that there is an occupation, then there is no end to what you might convince yourself of. I am less easily fooled.

    An arab living in the West Bank has no say in the how the Israelis goven them, There where elections held once though, and Hamas won. The reaction of the great democracies, Israel and the US -- an attempted armed coup. It is current Israeli policy to oppose a unity government that most think would be required to usher in new elections. Of course I’m also leaving out the bombing of Gaza and blocking building supplies while illegal settlements go up in the occupied West Bank. so please don;t lecture others about democracy or human rights given this is the case.

    “I couldn’t care less about Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan being “considered” democratic” then it’s quite clear you are not to be taken seriously on the issue of what is and isn’t a democracy..And again the issue of rights is not something you or the Israeli government extend to Palestinians.

    As for your generous offer, it is easy for you to give away someone else’s history and heritage, precisely because it is not yours. I notice that many who are opposed to immigration into their countries claiming reasons like culture or heritage, are the same people who so easily dismiss those concerns in others, They will oppose those from the middle east moving to Europe, but see nothing wrong in supporting Europeans moving to the middle east.

    Pat Condell is an ignorant bigot whose sweeping generalizations and lazy hate filled caricatures should be condemned by all people, regardless of race or background. Those who celebrate him and cheer him on are not to be taken seriously on serious topics. Their place is on youtube.

    Irsrael was not in danger of being over run in ’67. If you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe US intelligence and President Johnston? Maybe if you don’t believe them you will believe Israeli intelligence and FM Abbas Eban? All of them arrived at the same conclusion. Nasser’s forces where not about to attack. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that Israel launched the 67 war, which led to the Israeli occupation.

    As for the wall, it is an Israeli wall that isn’t built in Israel -- that’s why it was declared illegal. No need to play the victim here, had Israel built it on it’s side of the Green Line it would not be an issue. Instead it annexes around 10% of the West Bank.

    I see I’m not allowed to point out your ignorance and hypocrisy without being accused and attacked. If you publish mistakes publically, please be prepared to be corrected publically. I have already corrected you about democracy and the fact that those countries I mentioned elected women as heads of State, but you seem to prefer ranting and raving instead. It is no wonder them that you and Condell have so much in common.

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