IEET article : Blue Brain Project and self-awareness..

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Today is a special day for me: I have taken a leap into the Academic writing world, as an article written by me has been published at Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies.

My article: “Did the Universe evolve the “Blue Brain Project” to become aware of itself”, begins:

“For those of you who are not familiar with this fascinating project, and should you think to yourself: “What the heck is a “Blue Brain,”  here’s a very short introduction: It is an attempt to create a virtual brain in a supercomputer by reverse-engineering the mammalian brain, no less, and therefore not simply an artificial neural network, but a biologically realistic model of neurons.

Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain project, is a professor and brilliant neuroscientist with dual South African – Israeli citizenship, now working at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Later on in this article, you will find an interview with Markram, but first let me tell you about my personal Odyssey.

I am an atheist, – and “militant ” at that, – but like scores of fellow atheists, I am having certain scruples…

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