Darwin Tunes: Survival of the funkiest..

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Phi is a mathematical ratio (1.618 : 1) that  appears recurrently in beautiful things in nature, as well as culturally, e.g. paintings, but what is it that impels us to perceive things as beautiful ?
Some, – maybe  most, – of us will insist that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is a lot to suggest that we are actually compelled, (hardwired) to feel just the way we do.
I don’t mean to discuss this here, but one very plausible argument for “hardwiring” is that beauty corresponds to what is optimal to survival. To give just one example, the Phi-Ratio arrangement of the leaves of a Sunflower   allows for maximum sunlight to reach individual leaves.

Let’s assume then, that “the beauty of it is equivalent to the functionality of it” – (an idea  all romantically-minded will detest..), – then what about Music ? – Is the most beautiful (funkiest) music finetuned to Human progress, – and survival even ?

Check out Darwin Tunes, a test-bed for the evolution of music, –  see what you think, – and maybe even participate.

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