“Mo”- Crisis 2.0..

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Note: This article also published at Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, – IEET.org

Unfortunately, I’ve been busy doing other things, so I haven’t managed to write about the “film controversy”, which I regret, since freedom of speech is a key element of the, shall we say, human predicament. Whenever “Big Brother /Mother” tries to curtail this absolutely essential human right, I am – to put it mildly – up in arms. What goes on in non-Western banana-republics is depressing and intolerable, but what really makes me sick to my bones is when Western apologetics jump on the wagon, and when the apologetics are none other than the Obama Administration, I am speechless, – albeit not surprised..

Ok, – perhaps not completely speechless..  : )

I am referring of course, to the White House request, that Google “reconsider” its decision to keep  the  “controversial” YouTube movie clip online. – COURAGE Google, for refusing to comply, and, by the way, they should NOT be blocking access in Muslim countries either, – and definitely not in INDIA !!?? –  (“World’s biggest democracy”..).

                                              [ “Mo” – full of booze and pork..]

So, – “speechless”, sick to my bones, furious, up in arms, but I really have no words to describe my reaction when I heard none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say that the purpose of the film appeared to be “the denigration of  a great religion”.

“Denigration” it may be, and so what ? – it is more than well deserved, but denigration of a “great” religion ???

Right, – the “great” religion in the name of which an 11-year old Pakistani girl was facing death for alleged blashphemy – (burning pages of the Quran).

I prefer to believe Hillary was using “great” as in “major”, – but I’m afraid she lost a good deal of my respect anyway..

[ “Mo” – not pleased with Mohammed e-MO-ticons.. ]

Ok, – so at least you know where I stand, just in case you were in doubt.., so let me continue through the word’s of Ayan Hirsi Ali, whom I respect 200 %. – I’ve picked just one quote from this article that you ought to read, but it is a quote that says it all:

If the U.S. follows the example of Europe over the last two decades, it will bend over backward to avoid further offense.
that would be a grave mistake — for the West  no less than for those 
Muslims struggling to build a brighter future.

Note: The “2.0” in the title of this post refers, of course, to the inter-activity of the Internet, – the night-mare of  Big Brothers / Mothers anywhere..

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  1. Hank Pellissier

    I put it up immediately at the top of the page — thanks!


    here’s the url:  http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/pallensen20120918

    write more, this is really one of your favorite topics

    I too was disgusted with Hillary’s comments


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