Veena Malik: Human antidote to “soft bigotry of low expectations” !

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In view of recent violence in the aftermath of the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens, and what I’ve called “Mo-crisis 2.o. , it is all to easy to allow gloom to set in, but this blog will NEVER let it happen, which is but one reason why I have pointed to progressives, dissidentsfreedom fighters, and why I resent any “soft bigotry of low expectations”..

( “The Independant”, Sept. 16 ) :

“It’s more or less over for progressive, liberal Islam. Many of us who’ve tried to keep alive the thoughtful, humane, cultured beliefs and practices of our parents and enlightened scholars can barely breathe or speak after the last wretched week when benighted mobs raved and killed across Muslim countries – some of them newly free and supposedly democratic. The Arab Spring turned to vicious winter and dashed naïve expectations and hopes. Casting out dictators does not necessarily bring wisdom, responsibility and self-control. Embassies were damaged, Western diplomatic staff killed and terrorised, flags burnt”.

“Once, we could say with some certainty that Islamicist fanatics, thugs, killers and mind-benders represented a minority and that most Muslims, quiet and sane were unseen and unheard. Today, I fear it is the opposite”.

Let’s not, therefore, be all-negative and pessimistic. I for one are deeply critical, I’ll admit as much, but I try also to show my appreciation and delight when progressives speak out and take issue with “voices from the dark”. That is why I am posting this video below, where the out-of-this-world beautiful, lovable and intelligent  Pakistani actress and comedienne Veena Malik teaches a religulous “scholar” a lesson:

“Those people (Mullahs /Islamists) do not represent Pakistan. There are also people like us, who enjoy entertainment, fun and LOVE” !

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