Pat Condell: Free speech WILL prevail !

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6 responses to “Pat Condell: Free speech WILL prevail !

  1. He is so funny and wise -- I adore him! thanks for putting him up

    • Yep, -- a rhetorical genius. Calling a spade a spade is liberating and a most welcome breath of fresh air. -- However, -- I don’t like when he says: “You can stick your head into the oven for all I care”. That is the kind of rhetoric that gives critics reason to assert, that “Islamophobia is today’s anti-Semitism“. It is nothing like it of course, but “sticking your /someone’s head into the oven” has a ring to it I don’t like at all. Apart from this, I enjoyed every single word, and I am just as sick of hearing and talking about “sensitivities” as he is.

  2. I am shocked by this video full of hate for Muslims. It seems as if this man Pat has so little culture and knowledge about muslim culture and is a little confused. Even if there are very regrettable events, the true problem are extremists that are scared of others whether muslims, christians or jewish. This kind of speech is encouraging violence and putting our civilization on the same level as the extremists. I much prefer Obama’s Cairo talk of peace and hope:
    Peace to all.

    • Thanks for commenting Pan ! -- You obviously don’t know Pat Condell, so check out my short bio

      You are making an all too common mistake in not distinguishing between Islam and Muslims. Islam of course is a religion, -- to many of us also an (political) ideology, -- and Muslims are human beings like the rest us. Point is: We -- including Pat Condell -- feel no hate whatsoever for Muslims, but we absolutely DO hate agressive Islam(ists). As Pat states so clearly, we are sick to our bones of “sensitivities”, riots, sharia-compliance, etc. -- Our criticism of Islam(ists) is -- I repeat -- NOT hate of Muslims, -- it is in fact very much the opposite ! -- We care for subdued women, gays, apostates, dissidents, etc. etc. etc. , -- and we very much care for all Muslims who hope for a better future ! -- Pat Condell has stated the same in other videos, which I invite you to see. He also takes on fundamentalist Christians and Jews, and he has made it clear also, that he wishes to have NOTHING to do with right-wing nut-jobs. -- Believe me: His “hate” is entirely directed at Medieval backwardness.

  3. Hummm, I disagree with the type of speech Mr Pat has. I hope you had a look at Obama’s speech… because his words have a pragmatic message of love and a future for us humans.
    War with words or on the terrain is easy to give into. Finding solutions for peace is the difficult way. I pray we humans choose the second solution.

    • Yes, -- Obama’s Cairo speech is famous -- infamous to some.. -- and you’re right about him being pragmatic and loving, but he is also an apologetic of Islam. Lately, Hillary Clinton has also jumped on that wagon, much to my disappointment. Finding solutions for peace is indeed the difficult way. Personally, I don’t think appeasement is the right medicine. When Salman Rushdie tried to apologise, -- something he has bitterly regretted -- the reaction in Iran was to raise the price on his head with a couple of million ! -- I hear the price on his head is now 3.3 million $ !

      As Rusdie rightly points out, you don’t stop bullies by lying flat down , a lesson some of us have learned in the school-yard..

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