Synopsis: “Innocence of Muslims” – trailer

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Bernie Planck: (Planck’s Constant)

“.. the film cannot possibly be more boring than the Quran which is even more amateurish than the trailer”.

Note: Last time I checked, this (boring..) trailer had nearly 11 million hits on YouTube, and that is counting just ONE version. The total number of hits must be 3-4-5 times higher, – just a wild guess, but two clips alone have nearly 20 million hits together.

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5 responses to “Synopsis: “Innocence of Muslims” – trailer

  1. Innocence of media for Christ and Crew ?
    Geller is back in the ‘Innocence’ film story again as Raimondo of antiwar .com implies that the angel investors for the anti Mohammad film project of Geller may have funded Nakoula or Media for Christ associated with the films production:
    The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video
    . But more dramatically, a recent version of the screenplay draft has been obtained by Vice , which shows that the script was clearly anti Muslim hate speech , therefore the denials of knowledge of the films purpose by MFC and other participants is demonstrably false, if they received copies of the script.
    Jimmy Israel muddies the water with a new version of events contradicting previous interviews he has given, but one salient feature remaining consistent is that there was a fourth man , not Sam basil -Nakoula (two people in the original Jimmy version), Alan Roberts, nor Jimmy Israel called by Jimmy Israel. Speculation is that this original film producer -script consultant was Steve Goldberg the name listed as the producer by Cindy Lee Davis, an evangelical pastor, on her resume, or Steve Goldenberg the producer listed on Jeffery J Robinson’s, asst dir of the film, resume as a reference.
    Vice copy of film script disproves cast claims of Innocence in Making of anti Islamic hate film
    Leaking of the Ali Sina-Geller-Spencer script by some patriotic American will provide further information on the links between the two identical film projects. Release of information on funding sources for the Nakoula-Jimmy Israel expenditures may identify the angel investors donors in Israel or elsewhere, but donor demographics most certainly correlate with Geller Spencer Steve Goldberg (Zionist org of America lawyer for Geller , Gert Wilders) funding sources.
    If ZOA Steve Goldberg, already linked to Geller and Wilders, is complicit in this film production, he may face disbarment and criminal penaties in defrauding cast not familiar with the script.

    • Thanks ! -- I need to read -- and check -- your information, -- but a quick read was a good first impression..
      There is of course always the danger of silly c0nspiracy-theories, but at times such theories turn out to be true.., -- I’ll definitely check it out.

      I gotta tell you though, that I couldn’t care less about who’s behind it, -- at least not in a Free Speech perspective, and my focus any day will not be on this “film”, which, so far, is only a trailer, -- but on atrocities in the name of Islam !
      -- That is not to say I am obsessed with Islam, -- in fact I might argue that, say, Hinduism, with it’s “you reap what you sow” meme, etc., is at least as detrimental to the human predicament, -- it’s just that the Western World has no confrontations with Hinduism to speak of, -- they don’t threaten, kill, and tell us what we should write and not write, etc. etc…

  2. Thanks for linking to my article -- it’s appreciated.

    I also added your site in my sidebar.

    • Thanks for very informed comments, and you are right about antisemitism being on the rise all over the West. I wish I could say it is mainly a result of muslim immigration, but truth is there’s a lot of Jew-hatred among European leftists, which is why many are speaking of an “unholy” alliance of leftists and Islam(ists).I wish I could say also, that Scandinavians are better informed and less antisemitic, but these days Sweden and Norway are no longer places where Jewish people have reason to feel comfortable and welcome. It’s not as bad in Denmark, but we do have our share of ignoramuses. There are of course also the old-fashioned right-wing Jew-hater..
      Thank -- whichever God… -- for Israel ! -- By the way, what’s happening to New York… -- I believe over a million Jews have left that city in the last 20 years or so.. -- have they all moved down to Florida..

  3. i believe that hinduism is a great religion since it also promotes peace as well..

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