Creationism, evolution, teleportation and World Peace..

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I realize the title of this post is slightly confusing, so: It’s focus is on (Quantum) Teleportation – the dematerialization of matter in one place and instantaneous transportation and recreation in another, – but first I’d like you to consider the correlation of Peace and percentage of public acceptance of Evolution Theory.

I was reading an article by physicist Victor Stenger, wherein I found a link to a  survey of 34 developed nations degree of acceptance of evolution , and I took special notice of Iceland and Denmark taking first and second place, the reason being that I only recently posted the 2012 World Peace Index , according to which the same two nations come out on top. –  Coincidence ?…

Of the 34 nations surveyed on evolution, only one nation had more Evolution deniers than…the United States (!!) : Turkey. Naturally, I had to check where to find the U.S. and Turkey  on the Peace Index: U.S.: 88 out of 158; Turkey: 130…

(U.S. Peace Index: most peaceful state: Maine).

Now, if you will excuse me for being nutty at times, here’s a crazy thought: Imagine it “was” possible to teleport PEACE…

Milestones in teleportation development:

1993 – IBM’s Charles Bennett was the first to prove that teleportation is possible with quantum research. Some predict Bennett could be in line for a Nobel Prize in 2012. Reuters article explains.

1998 – Caltech physicists turned the IBM idea into reality by teleporting a photon. See 3 minute video.
2002 – Australian National University successfully teleported a laser beam.
2006 – Denmark scientists beamed information stored in a laser beam into a cloud of atoms.
2012 – Scientists reproduce the characteristics of a photon over 143 kilometers in the Canary Islands.

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