*Slut*-walks: “My miniskirt, my Rights” !

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According to my stats, a number of visitors to this site come via Google Image Search, and the images people search for are, for instance, FEMEN … ,
– which corresponds perfectly to Bernie Planck’s Blogging Rule # 5 Or How To Get 1 Million Hits To Your Blog Without Really Trying

Incidentally.., I’ve just been watching read Indonesian Women Stage SlutWalk over at Transhumanity.net.. , – and I couldn’t help thinking.. hmm.. could get me another bunch of visitors perhaps… { : – )

Mind you: I am not posting photos of *sluts * for you (men) to ONLY look at ! – Main objective is to support Female Freedom Fighters whereever they are, and ESPECIALLY in places like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc…

Okay, okay, – here are some *sluts* for you:

Indonesian Women Stage SlutWalk


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4 responses to “*Slut*-walks: “My miniskirt, my Rights” !

  1. Thanks for linking to my article. I have no doubt that using words like slut and saudia arabia, pakistan etc. that you’ll get visitors from those countries looking for Muslim sluts. I do have a suggestion, try to throw in the phrase “muslim goat sex” whenever discussing Muslim men and rape.

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