Defining “Better people” of the future..

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Over the years I have grown to feel ever more comfortable with “Transhumanism”, and today I take pride in defining myself as a “Transhumanist”.

I have yet to write my personal Manifesto, but broadly speaking, I perceive Transhumanism as “simply” an endevour to transcend what at present it entails being human. – It is important to emphasize, therefore, that Transhumanism is, inherently, neither negative nor positive.

I understand, however, why most people are  skeptical, if not hostile.., and I take it you can come up with numerous objections yourself, so no need to elaborate on that, but what if we elevate superior morality / empathy as our primary goal, or at least aim to improve it alongside physical and cognitive enhancements.. , – founded and directed by Hank Pellissier, – aims to do just that:

“ is an evolving attempt to expand, transform, and improve the definition and goals of Transhumanism. We want the “better people” of the future to be superior morally and emotionally, as well as physically and mentally. We want the preeminent visionary voices of transhumanism to include non-males and non-whites. We want to exemplify equality, fairness, transparency, and compassion in our organizational structure and communication”.

“We want future humans to metaphorically have a Big Warm Open Heart, not just a Giant Brain in an Artificial Body”.

With a big warm open heart then, – (and “decent” brains.. { : – )  – I HIGHLY recommend TRANSHUMANITY
– The new site is high quality foods for brains and hearts alike !

TRANSHUMANITY.NET  folks  / dude  – ( male AND female! )

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