“Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” most strongly pro-Obama

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Cheese-eating surrender monkeys ? – Check below to see who..

Only one of 21 countries polled  preferring to see Mr Romney win November’s election: Pakistan..

Well-well.. – if only they had asked those rude, pork-eating northern savages..

Google translation:
If you could vote for this year’s U.S. presidential election, which candidate would you vote for?

87 percent said Barack Obama
4 percent said Mitt Romney
9 percent replied do not know

Among voters who vote at home on the Social Liberal Party and Socialist People’s Party, the entire 99 percent vote for Obama

The most Romney-happy is the conservative voters, of which 12 percent would vote for Republican rather than the incumbent president

©YouGov for metroXpress.

For your information: I am one of those 87 % Danes who’d vote for Obama, despite being critical. I don’t stuff myself with meat though, – as majority of Danes do – (World’s highest consumption of meat), – In principle, I am a Vegan, – in reality – for the time being – a pesco-vegetarian.

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