(Un)covering.. Femen: Ukraine versus Sweden..

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Travelers Digest’s Top Ten Cities for beautiful women list Ukrainians  and Swedes  at the top…

Now, one should probably not take that Dutch TV commercial seriously that – before Euro 2012 – warned wiwes and girlfriends against “Ukraine’s promiscuous women”.. – (feel kinda “promiscuous” myself looking at these two.. :)

– but.. eh-hemm.., –  as a Dane I can say with confidence, that when it comes to Swedish girls.. , – well, – as far as we Danes are concerned, they are not only very beautiful, but.. yes.. promiscuous..

 – and WTF is wrong with that anyway ?!

Sweden, however, also has a reputation as “the Saudi Arabia of Feminism“.. , and, without getting into a longer discussion, I’d say there’s a lot of truth in that, for good and for bad.. – Swedish “Femen” have a fair share of political power, more so perhaps than in any other country, and as a Human Rights “fundamentalist”, – (and as a Transhumanist..), – I wholeheartedly  approve of that, – but.. – this (political) power seems to have come at a prize..

 Again, – I am not going to argue at length about it, just tell you how Swedish “Femen” come across to many of us Danes: They’ve turned “PC” – politically “correct”, – they’ve become tight-lipped, (overly) moralizing, and, worst of all: they are apologetics of Islam.. , – which is actually quite amazing and paradoxical, considering Sweden topping  international Rape Statistics ! – So am I suggesting this has something to do with mass immigration of Muslims ? – You bet ! – Evidence ? – Sure, I’ll provide it if you ask for it, but it is not the main subject here, and you could of course find out for yourself, so..about Femen..

Prove me wrong, – and I sincerely hope you lovely Swedish Femen will, – but as     I see it, it is no coincidence, that “real” Femen have emerged out of Ukraine, not Sweden, and I very much doubt you’ll see a Swedish chapter of Femen any day soon, and I am absolutely certain that should Swedish women start behaving like the Ukrainians, they’d be condemned by their own as Islamophobic, nationalistic, racist, right-wing hate-mongers, etc.

My conclusion: Swedes have a lot to learn from Ukrainian Femen, – the real deal ! – Let’s take a look at what they’re up to..

Activists FEMEN Germany have attacked the company IKEA in Hamburg. The reason for the protest was a chauvinistic policy of the Sweden company IKEA which has expressed itself by making the last catalogue for Saudi Arabia. The IKEA has obeyed the wild Wahhabi regime of the Saudis and “adapted” its catalogue by Shariah by deleting all of the images of women and girls. Islamist dollars are more important than human principles of liberty and equality for IKEA. We need to take into account the fascist past of the owner of IKEA Mr.Kamprad. That’s why FEMEN Germany is not evaluating this catalogue as a harmless marketing move. We believe that it is the manifestation of the owner’s ideology and his own opinion about women’s rights. “You cannot erase us! We exist!” – activists are saying and calling for the world community to boycott the products of IKEA.

Ikea ? – How ironic ! – Ikea, of course, is.. Swedish.. – and one must wonder.., – why ain’t Swedish “Femen” protesting ?

Come on now, lovely, admirable Swedish women, we Danes really do adore you, – as do the rest of the world, – but.. are you Femen or not..

Absolutely LOVE Femen ! – not politically “correct” “hens“, and definitely not (Ukrainian) Living Barbie Valeria Lukyanova:


FEMEN – The real deal: Click on this photo:


Ps. Oh, – and for the ladies / Femen..

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4 responses to “(Un)covering.. Femen: Ukraine versus Sweden..

  1. Great post Joern, I like it with my whole body, excellent in numerous different ways, covers, or uncovers, a lot of topics.

  2. THANKS Hank ! -- YOU, of course, have been a great source of inspiration, and your support and confidence in me as a writer is GREATLY appreciated !

    I have an old friend -- school-mate in fact -- up in Sweden, and I’ll ask for his help to bring my article to the attention of at least a few Swedish “Femen”. -- I’d love to see some response from up there..

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