Jerusalem Haredim versus Tel Aviv Rosa Parks: Orthodoxy versus Secularism..

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“”Jerusalem Haredim” versus “Tel Aviv Rosa Parks” ? – No, – we are not talking football /soccer here, – be serious now : )

As some of you may have noticed, this blog is deeply critical of religion, – Islam in particular. However, other religions have their share of backward religulous fundamentalists. This post deals with Ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jews, who advocate segregation of men from women and who find images of women offensive..

If you’re an Israeli, you’ll know all about this of course, but you may find it interesting how I for one present Israel’s internal religion-versus-secularism conflict to the rest of the world…
I don’t mean to say a lot, but I’ll tell you this much: To the outside world, it sure looks like the majority of Israelis are in danger of being taken hostage by a (growing..) number of “religulous” crackpots, and it is doing immense damage to the country’s image and reputation. There is enough hatred of Israel / Jews as it is (!), and you DON’T need it to worsen because of Medieval lunatics ! – My message, therefore, is this: To hell with “religious sensitivities”, in Israel, and anywhere !

As you may have noticed also, this blog whole-heartedly supports Female Freedom Fighters, – (here, here, and here), –  and this weeks Israeli Rosa Parks is no exception ! – I’ve declared my skepticism about the prospect of Ukrainian Femen opening an office in the Saudi-Arabia-of-Feminism Sweden, and.. the same goes for.. not Israel I should say, but certainly Jerusalem !

On the other hand, they’d have no problem establishing themselves in “ultimate Party Town Tel Aviv“.., but why should they ?
But.. wait.. , it turns out they’ve actually tried just that ! – Anyone aware of renewed plans ?

Ok, – Israel has it’s issues when it comes to gender equality, and I may have to investigate that actually..

Hey, – try something funny, and most revealing: Do a search for “Jerusalem images of women“, – then: “Tel Aviv images of women“. – See the difference ? – The Orthodoxy-versus-Secularism schism is rather obvious.

Back to “Rosa Parks“: Watch this video to see what the fuss is all about.

Note: I am aware that Israel has a high percentage of atheists, but most people don’t know that I should say, and it would be wise for “ordinary” Israelis to get that message out..

And now that you’ve been patient so far.. – do take a peek at some images of women.. – Apropos Rosa Parks.. – take a look at Grace Park :)

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