US elections rigged ?

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US elections rigged ? – Or, put another way: Is the US a democracy ? – I don’t mean to discuss that at length here, – mainly wanted to share this poster and  some  “wise” words attributed to one Joseph Stalin.. – A friend posted it to Facebook.

Ok, – for once I’ll just state my opinion without explaining why I have this opinion, and I should think no explanation is required really, as we all know, don’t we, that money plays a key role, that voters are required to register in order to vote, – one important reason why voter turnout is low, – that a significant number of prisoners do not / are not allowed to vote, etc. etc.

So here’s my opinion: Yes, the US is a democracy, but not a true democracy, and to  the Memes about “equal opportunities for all“, and “land of the free“, there is this to say:

Some are more equal – and freer – than others..

Stalin, however, had a point…

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