“Angry Muslim” turns H+ devotee !

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You have a life insurance ? – Does it cover “Jihad” ?

Last year,  in response to a call for his tongue to be removed, among other things , David Letterman  joked about reviewing his life insurance policy with CBS, and that, dear readers, is a wise way to respond to threats and hate:

Make jokes about it !

We have all seen this photo below of Muslim Rage, and actually I feel sorry for that guy, who is most likely a brainwashed puppet on a string, being manipulated by crazy Mullahs..

Not so over at Transhumanity.net, where “Angry Muslim” has been transformed into a devotee of H+ causes and details..

It doesn’t get any more constructive than that !

This particular “Angry Muslim” Meme below, is maybe not quite as positive as what you will see at Transhumanity.net, – but in my opinion, it is.. thoughtful.. apart from being funny.
Why thoughtful ? – I’ll leave that up to you to see, but here’s a hint: “Jihad” is not only about “killing infidels”, – it is also a “Personal Odyssey”.. – Not quite Transhumanism.. , but.. it’s good for us to look for what is positive..

As for “Paradise Engineering”, – see here , and here..

Now compare to this negative, albeit “funny”.. – I hope.. Meme:

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