Facebook versus Arab Women Uprising..

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I am a Facebook Newbee and only beginning to get the feel of it.. – reason being I am one of these grumpy types, – (not really), – and a hard-core skeptic, – (you bet !), – who do not believe everything I hear.. , this, for instance:

Now, – I’m lying low today and had no time to investigate, so all I wanna say is that I mean to keep an eye on Facebook policies and behavior in terms of Freedom of Expression..

I may be naive, and we should keep in mind that Facebook is of course first and foremost a BUSINESS, – but I choose to believe Facebook would never censor the voices of uprising Arab women. That would be sensational and outragious, so common sense tells me there must be some other explanation, and my guess is this commenter is on to something..

“It’s not facebook. It’s the significant number of Arab-Muslim-Salafi-Wahabi-Alqaeda-Taliban-extremist-sexist-mentally retarded men facebook users who got offended by this page and probably reported it for having “inappropriate or offensive content”

This very incidence is the reason why I have now also joined Twitter, and I am now following “UprisingOfArabWomen”..

Absolutely LOVE this drawing ! – (Wouldn’t it be great, if Israel was a part also..)

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