Faster-than-light travel may await us !

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It’s my bedtime, but couldn’t wait to mention and  link to this deeply fascinating must-read  article about the prospect of faster-than-light travel, without, mind you, violating Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The trick is done by warping – (contracting / expanding) space-time, a formidable task requiring enormous amounts of energy, but physicist Harold White has come up with a possible work-around, and Nasa is taking his idea so seriously that White’s Nasa-team has started work on an actual Warp Drive. – How about that !

In terms of the engine’s mechanics, a spheroid object would be placed between two regions of space-time (one expanding and one contracting). A “warp bubble” would then be generated that moves space-time around the object, effectively repositioning it — the end result being faster-than-light travel without the spheroid (or spacecraft) having to move with respect to its local frame of reference.

How NASA might build its very first warp drive

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