Inventiveness: United States versus Denmark..

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I’ve been busy for days now, debating the (in)compatability of Big Government, – especially European style Social Democracies – with inventiveness. To what degree, if at all, does Big Government impede inventiveness, and is it unthinkable that  innovation could even benefit.. ?

inventivenesssThis debate began when I wrote a comment on FactsMatter, the personal blog of Dr. Jacques Delacroix, a Conservative (!) Stanford Sociologist. He is also a great story-teller, and a Professor of organizational analysis and management. I didn’t know when I wrote my comment, and wasn’t aware,  therefore, of what was in store for me..

I wrote my comment basically to say I was delighted with Dr. Delacroix’s article on Israel / Gaza, but I couldn’t resist mentioning also how puzzled I was that anyone in their right minds would vote for Romney.. – After a few “exchanges” and getting to know each other a little, delacroixjacques – his blogname – wrote a new article, entitled, simply:

Challenges from Social-Democrat Denmark

At this moment, I am eagerly waiting for delacroixjacques’ next comment lesson.. – It’s been the best damn’ discussion I’ve had with anyone in a LONG time, partly of course because of delacroixjacques’ razor-shap mind and wonderful sense of humour, but I suspect also because he is a CONSERVATIVE. Most people I talk to happen to be Liberals, – some of whom are also technoprogressives, and it can get a little boring at times. Getting to know Jacques Delacroix has been like breathing fresh air, and despite our opposing views – in some areas, mind youour discussions have been “so much fun” – as “Barbie Girl” would sayand very rewarding.

So, – my hope is you are now deeply curious  and simply must take a look at our exchanges. If that is the case, go to: FactsMatter, and don’t hesitate to write a comment yourself of course, if you dare, that is…

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7 responses to “Inventiveness: United States versus Denmark..

  1. This is Jacques Delacroix. A few corrections because facts matter. I am not a “Stanford Sociologist.” I earned a PhD from Stanford University in the last century when they were distracted by leftist protests. I am not currently a professor of anything. Instead I am a self-taught sex instructor in Santa Cruz California. (Discounts are available for Danish ladies under 35.)

  2. Sorry about the photo-mixup, Jacques, but I thought it better to move your comment / advertisement to the right post. -- I have of course not deleted the Pat Condell-related comment..

    Actually.. -- that photo-mixup might turn out to be a good thing, for ME.. { ; -- )

  3. You could submit your comment again Jacques -- in it’s proper place -- I will then delete my own, as you probably can’t stand to look at MY pretty face.. :)))

  4. I have a small subtle objection; I don’t want to be responsible, by unconscious implication, for your title: …”Unites States versus Denmark.” Some might take it seriously. Of course, there is no such thing and I sure did not suggest any such thing, Scale differences drown everything, finally. I, with my razor-sharp mind, am not even sure whether the title is ironical.

    • I should think anyone with a slightly above average IQ will not misunderstand, but there are of course the Politically Correct, who seem to think any INTELLIGENT discussion is a “pissing contest”. That is too bad, but it really doesn’t concern me a lot. People with BRAINS will see through the fog..

      It took me no time to write that introduction, and I could have done much better, but don’t take things too seriously yourself either. U.S. versus Denmark is NOT meant as one such pissing-contest, just as my Sweden versus Denmark article was not a pissing contest. It is interesting -- and a lot of fun -- to compare countries, and I am 100 % sure, there is no petty nationalism involved when you and I chat about these things. If some readers are too stupid to see that, -- well, -- too bad..
      No, there is nothing ironical about that title, -- it is meant pure and simply as information: An investigation / discussion of inventiveness / innovation in our two nations. Readers can take it as seriously as they want for all I care..

      Think I just may write that article, investigation innovation..

  5. I don’t want to submit anything anymore. I don’t submit, period.
    Incidentally, if I may, my blog address is:

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