Are we (not) alone in the Universe / Multiverse..

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Say I asked you which of the following two possibilites is the most incredible / sensational:

1. Life exists everywhere in the Universe / Multiverse.

2. In the vast Cosmos, planet Earth is the ONLY place inhabited by lifeforms.

Black hole - Extraterrestial lifeI don’t know about you, but to me it would be TRULY SENSATIONAL if option two was true, and pure and “simple” common sense tells me it just can’t be. Unfortunately, common sense is all I have to go by, as we have not a shred of evidence of life “out there”, or, should I say, not a shred of evidence I am aware of..

UFO’s, you say.. – Sorry, but I count myself as one of the Skeptics, and that is putting it mildly.. – However, who says advanced lifeforms would explore the Universe in accordance with our preconceived ideas ?

Hank Pellissier
 , never afraid of breaking taboos, has some very intelligent, courageous and thought-provoking opinions / observations in his latest article:

Believe in UFOs? ETs? Here’s my “miniaturized” POV…

1. Our depiction of alien life that looks even remotely humanoid, traveling in metal machines that resemble our own, seems as narcissistic, as speciesist, as the dogma of ancient Greeks who viewed gods in human physiques, dressed in sandals and togas.

2. Hollywood images of alien spacecraft the size of Manhattan are ridiculous. Tiny, microscopic, nanoscopic, is more likely. Aliens/UFOs could also appear in the form of Light.

3. The notion of alien space craft carrying hundreds of separate alien beings is… primitive.  I forsee individual aliens that merge their bodies with space travel equipment to become “angels” – autonomous space voyagers. ETs will become “angels” because that’s what “intelligence” wants. Polls like the Terasem Survey that ask people what super power they want, always end up with “Flying” on top of the list. Terasem Survey also says “Travel” is the favorite activity of transhumanists. Assuming all intelligence, everywhere in the universe, has the same desire/ambition, then consumer demand will create, everywhere, the ability for individuals to fly by themselves, not in aircraft, but on their own, like Iron Man (Tony Stark).

The issue, therefore, is not whether or not we should believe in UFO’s, but how contact is likely to happen..

Say advanced lifeforms would choose to inhabit Black Holes, as someone – don’t recall who – has suggested.. – That could explain why – as far as some of us “know” – there has been no contact, since light cannot escape a Black Hole’s Event Horizon.. – so I am told..

Believe in UFOs? ETs? Here’s my “miniaturized” POV

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3 responses to “Are we (not) alone in the Universe / Multiverse..

  1. Also, if the singularity theory is true, a transhuman civilization will be so beyond their -- or our -- biological make-up that communication with lesser beings will become either impossible or just uninteresting…

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