Atheist Census: Count me in !

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Update, 17:15 h. – Dec. 19:

Atheist Census - Numbers matter. Be counted. - 19-12-2012

Update, 14:00 h. – Dec. 18:

12.896 new atheists / non-believers in the last 12 hours, or 1000 + per hour. How many is that per minute..

Atheist Census - 18-12-2012

Atheist Census - Top 10 Atheist countries

Thanks to Kacem El Ghazzali, I just becameaware of this.. somewhat  alternative Census. It appears it was first launced in May by a Third Party, but ceased due to technical problems or something.

Anyway, Atheist Alliance International has it up and running, and I am more than happy to spread the message, and I sincerely hope you count yourself in.

I have highlighted Israel,  and IRAN !!

As a Dane / Scandinavian, atheism is no big deal, as the vast majority of us are atheists, but I have registered in support of atheists World-wide, especially in the Arab World, where atheists suffer persecution. I invite you to do likewise.

Atheist Census - Numbers matter. Be counted.

While I’ve been writing this, – probably 20 min. or so, – 614 new atheists have registered, so the number is now 45.752 ! – I am definitely going to check their site tomorrow. If numbers keep climbing at that pace, this could turn into something very useful..

By the way, when you register, you are asked a few questions. First one is: As a non-religious person, which tittle would you prefer: 1.Atheist 2. Freethinker 3.Humanist  4.Rationalist 5. Secularist 6. Agnostic 7. non-religious

I chose Freethinker.

Atheist Census: Be counted !

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10 responses to “Atheist Census: Count me in !

  1. I label myself a non-theistic existentialist. This is sort of agnostic, not exactly atheist. I believe that it is simply unknowable. So should I register? I definitely reject religion.

    • non-theistic existentialist ? -- Guess what: That is pretty much how I’d label myself : ) -- Of course you should register, either as an agnostic, or you could check “other”, which is also an option. Since I wrote this yesterday, 12.000 -- Twelve Thousand ! -- more non-religious people have registered ! -- What are you waiting for ? -- And have a nice day !

      • Well, I am in. I settled on Agnostic as that is the closest description I can hook onto from the their menu. And about 3500 more are in since just a few hours ago when I first signed up.

        • Great. -- Yes, numbers are climbing at about 1000 every hour, so this census is getting a lot of attention, but it’s a long way still before we can say it is really succesful. I am pretty sure though, that non-believers in the Arab World, in Iran and other places will find it very supportive, so that alone makes it a succes. Think I’ll keep updating figures on this blog..

  2. Nice! I’m registering right now. No Spaniards yet…

  3. Great, -- I’ve done the same, as have thousands of others, -- take a look at the counter at bottom of page where you registered. -- I read this article yesterday, which may be of interest. I also wrote a comment there..

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