Atheist Census Update: Numbers matter !

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The time is now 00:45 on Dec. 26., and the total number of registered non-believers in the Atheist Census is ~ 117,000, up from 81,710 on Dec. 19. – That means the pace of registration has slowed down to about 5,000 a day, which is still quite good, but a succes ? – Not really, in my opinion, but take a look instead at these numbers below that show in which countries most people have declared themselves non-religious. You will notice that  no. 10 on the list, Germany, with a population of about 82 million, numbers 1,910. Now compare that to Turkey, with a population of about 75 million: 8,124 non-believers ! –

How does one explain that  ? – My guess is, that Turkish – and Iranian ! – 2,347  non-believers are sending a very strong message to the World: Not all of us are religious fanatics ! – Don’t forget us ! – This Census matters !

Incidentally, that is also my message :  It MATTERS ! – if not for you personally, then for oppressed non-believers whereever they are.

Atheist Census - Top Ten Countries

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2 responses to “Atheist Census Update: Numbers matter !

  1. Lol, since this site doesn’t have a blacklist for valid email providers, Single person can submit as many votes as he wants thanks to disposable web mail sites. Try yourself, take a new disposable mail from guerillamail( there are hundreds of these web sites) and submit as many as you can!

    • That’s true, but my guess is that very few people will bother to do so. The site’s FAQ states:

      To ensure that the data collected by Atheist Census is credible each person is only permitted to have one entry in Atheist Census. While we cannot guarantee that each person has only one email address, this approach is a practical way to limit the risk of duplication.

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