Greatest scientific breakthrough(s) of 2012 ?

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This will be my last post in 2012, and I want to end the year on a positive note, with a bit of fun, and in an optimistic mood, so I’ve created this poll below,with some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs  of the year. It is the first poll I’ve created, so consider it a test, and try not to be too critical..          

Note: Before voting, you may read about each breakthrough, below the poll.

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2 responses to “Greatest scientific breakthrough(s) of 2012 ?

  1. This has been a really great post and has kept me busy for most of the day, reading the links and associated articles. Great stuff! But alas, I am not ready to vote. But hey thanks for the Information and happy new year!

    • Thanks -- I’m very pleased to keep you busy :) -- Unfortunately, only two readers have voted, but I think it could be because it is a bit overwhelming.. -- Next time I will try two-three options only, clearly defined. I’ve had lots of views lately, about a 1000 a day / 500 readers, but most of them seem more interested in those female freedom fighters I’ve been writing about.. -- Anyway, -- there’s a lot to learn, and I’m having fun all the same.

      H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

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