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WOW – I never thought I was going to introduce TWO Transhumanist Debate Forums on the very same day ! – It so happens that my friends at have also just launched a DEBATE FORUM.

Naturally, because I’ve been involved with some of these great folks for some time now, I am going to introduce this forum with great(er) enthusiasm.

Hank Pellissier, former Managing Director of Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies and founder of, was “responsible” for getting me into Transhumanist circles in the first place, when he interviewed me for an article about Denmark, a couple of years ago now. I support’s policies / philosophy100 %, and I highly recommend this new debate forum.

Peter Wicks, the forum’s moderator, with whom I’ve been engaged in a number of fierce, but highly intelligent and inspiring debates, is, – and I’m quoting from’s own introduction to the new forum: “a legendary pitbull of verbiage who has valiantly battled and slain dozens of opponents at IEET chatboxes in the last two years“.
“Slain”, mind you, by virtue of impeccable manners and icy logic !

Therefore, all you blow-hards and stubborn asses out there, unless you are also cowards, I encourage you to start sharpening your pencils right NOW. – Then head over to and answer these four questions, which are meant basically to get the debates into gear:

Is Gerard Depardieu “pathetic” for renouncing French citizenship and becoming “Russian”? 

How important is “Humanism” to “Transhumanism”? Do you want “TRANShumanism” or “transHUMANISM”?

Does religion have a place in transhumanism, or are we better off without it?

Should Turkey be allowed to enter the EU? Under what circumstances? / Debate Forum folks: “Bickering(s) about Transhumanism, Politics, Religion, Sex, etc“.

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