ChipChick(s) and Copenhagen Cycle Chic: Top 9 + inspiring women of 2012..

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Wow, – did I not intend this blog to be a tool for exploring the only question life really throws at us: Who am I ?, – and all I can do these days is create slideshows of brainy and inspiring chicks females..

Ok, – it is dark and freezing outside, and I am taking off to warmer and more exotic corners of the earth very soon, so think I’ll forgive myself.. , I really can’t concentrate on all that mind-boggling stuff right now…

I am also busy following The 75th Tata Steel Chess Tournament, – especially Numero Uno, Norwegian genius Magnus Carlsen, World Champion Anand of India, Aronian, Nakamura, Giri.., –  but I am digressing.., so.. – saw this list of “inspiring women” on Facebook today, and I gotta tell you: I don’t find it hard at all to concentrate on inspiring women…

Without further ado…

Top 9 Inspiring Women of 2012 :

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And then it occurred to me that this is a great opportunity to also introduce “Copenhagen Cycle Chic“, – do visit this truly great blog !

Cycle Chic®

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( Sorry girls, – not easy to find any decent cycle-chaps, but did throw in a couple..

CopenhagenCycleChic  !

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