Transhumanism, vegans, Valeria Lukyanova and other hot celebs..

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According to the Terasem survey of 818 transhumanists, a mere 1.7% of those polled were “Vegan”…

I was delighted therefore, when I learned just today, that Transhumanist think-tank,,   is from now on pro-vegan – When I learned also, in this article, than this humble – eh.. not-so-humble.. blogger, – yours truly, – was named one of three outspoken vegan activists / Transhumanists, I was not only delighted, – I was – I AM – proud !

This is exactly the kind of good news I find so inspiring, and that urges and encourages me to keep writing about such important subjects ! – Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time just now, so expect more on this at a later time, but for now I’ve picked these 9 representatives below, and hopefully they will provide some (vegan !) food-for-thought..

Mouse over the photos of vegans you can’t name..

Valeria-Lukyanova-vegetarian-barbiemilo-ventimiglia-no-shirt Veena-Malik-vegetarian  Bill Clinton - Vegan-and-transformedVenus-Williams-veganMike Tyson: Vegan and reformed !    Jason-XuDavid-PearceTranshumanisten-

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United Nations promotes Vegetarianism – Are Transhumanists Listening?

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2 responses to “Transhumanism, vegans, Valeria Lukyanova and other hot celebs..

  1. Joern, are you a radical vegan?

    • Radical, as in strict ? -- I’m asking because “radical” sounds quite negative.., but I take it you don’t mean it in that way.. -- I’ll tell you my personal story: I have not eaten meat for 38 years, not even once, except for fish. I started out becoming a vegetarian, mainly because I did not like the idea of killing animals, so at first I didn’t think much about health-issues. After some years I decided to become a vegan, because I failed to see what right humans have to exploit animals for milk, cheese, eggs, honey. I still didn’t think much about health issues, but that changed drastically when my daughter was born, not because any of us suffer from any illnesses, in fact we never have, but more because of severe criticism from family-members, who saw us as irresponsible parents… -- I was then a strict vegan for about ten years, strict in the sense that I never touched meat, including fish, and dairy products, but not strict in the sense that I would not wear leather-shoes. -- I then began considering eating fish, and my (strictly) vegan-period ended one day I was with some friends in a Pizza-restaurant. I ordered a pizza with..anchovies I believe, and of course it came with melted cheese also.. -- For some years my diet was then still vegan -- (meat-and dairyproduct-free), but with fish now and then. Again, this change had nothing to do with health-issues, in the sense that I never suffered any deficiences or illnesses, but I was aware of course of fish as a good source of vitamin D and B12.. -- My wife is a pesco-vegetarian, -- (eats fish and some dairy-products), -- for which reason there is usually cheese, milk, eggs in the refrigerator, and at some point I got tempted to eat some.., so for.. -- maybe last 10 years, my diet has been: always no meat, except some fish, and the occasional bread with cheese, a drop of milk in my coffee, and a rare icecream.. -- Increasingly, however, I am upset with myself for being inconsequent, as all along I’ve really been a vegan, both in principle, in mind and in heart, and I am seriously intending to become stricly vegan again.

      Summing up: First lacto-vegetarian, then vegan, then pesco-veg’an, and hopefully very soon back to strictly vegan.

      Amazingly, during all these years, I have not felt different at any time, not better, not worse, physically as well as mentally, no matter how and what I’ve been eating. That was true back when I first became a vegetarian, -- (which was in Israel), -- when and while I was strictly vegan, and not at this time either. I believe the reason is I have taken care to get sufficient vitamins and minerals, while of course avoiding additives etc., and, naturally, eating LOTS of biological foodstuffs. -- Do I have to say I don’t smoke, drink only the occasional beer or glass of wine..

      Ok, -- you’ve heard my story, -- you may now answer your own question about me being “radical”.. :)

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