Pat Condell: “Pigs will fly”..

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Just read the “Breaking News”, that a new Pope has been announced.., which has little to do with the OIC – Organization of Islamic countries – and their push for a global ban on blasphemy laws, – ups, – Freudian slip perhaps.., I meant global ban on blasphemy, – but anyway.. I thought I’d “celebrate” with this new Pat Condell video..

Disrespectful you say ?

If you say so, but I can’t be bothered to discuss that now, – all I can tell you is I greatly admire Pat Condell ! – As Richard Dawkins has put it: “There is noone quite like him, – thank God (…) he is on our side“. He is a rhetorical genius, a man of the greatest integrity and courage, he speaks the damn’ truth, he has an absolutely fantastic sense of humour, and.. well.. says about people who deny the meaning of life is joy in the present moment: “They are lying conniving assholes”..

From his website: Godless Comedy:

..don't respect your beliefs..

Intolerant you say ? – Absolutely NOT, – this blog promotes tolerance..

Tolerance (the last virtue of a decadent society) :

Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broad caster speaking in Orillia , Ontario
, says,

“I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque
being built in Toronto .

I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of
their religious beliefs.

Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.

That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the
mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.

We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy “,
and the other a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot.”

Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to
that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called ” Iraq o’ Ribs.”

Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps
Nothing Secret “, with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods.

Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy

“Koranal Knowledge “, its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other

a liquor store called “Morehammered.”

All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand
of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others.”

Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this

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33 responses to “Pat Condell: “Pigs will fly”..

  1. Brilliant! About time someone said tolerance goes both ways…

  2. You are back to your old tricks and I love it!

    • Hmm.. -- most encouraging comments -- THANKYOU :)

      And here I was, trying to annoy eh.. challenge someone.., -- nah.., just trying my best to be funny :))) -- Hopefully, I can dig up some more “tricks”.., but.. Round 1 of the 2013 Candidates Tournament, “the strongest tournament of its kind in history“, will take place tomorrow in Londonistan , eh.. London. I am talking about CHESS, in case you don’t know, imbeciles, and I LOVE chess and will probably spend hours following games.. -- These days I am having serious debates with myself about how to spend my time “sensibly”..

      • Londonistan? I wonder what you think of people who say ‘Jew York’?

      • I would suggest it is those who pass round the anti-mosque emails that you seem quite fond of that that should brush up on the demographics of that city..

        Plenty of good people would consider the use of the phrase Jew York to be anti-semitic, you seem silent on that issue. Maybe you would like to clarify that now?

      • I skimmed read the post you mentioned, complete with sloppy and lazy characterizations, and of course the conclusion that anti-semitism is bad, while Islamophobia is good.

        Given that fact and you current reluctance to comment on the use of a phrase Jew York.with regards to it being anti-semitic, I think I can draw my own conclusions. .

        • Did I say Islamophobia is good ? -- Of course not. Here’s what I said:

          “Undeniably, “hate-filled rhetoric reminiscent of anti-Semitic propaganda of the 1930′s” does flourish, and although I am personally against any hate-speech laws, I find it stupid and deplorable to debase oneself by uttering this kind of empty nonsense, not to speak of the harm done to innocent, law-abiding citizens of any creed. – However, – this must never be confused with sober scholarly criticism, where one points to clear and concrete violations of basic human rights, social injusticies, etc., as described“.

          Therefore: Racism is the height of stupidity, -- Islamophobia is common sense !

          You can and do draw your conclusions from negativity in your own head, while completely ignoring what I am trying to tell you. We will leave it to readers to judge for themselves, shall we..


        “Islamophobia is common sense !”.

        Most people consider common sense a good thing, maybe you do not. If you do not in fact think Islamaphobia is good, you can say so now. .

        • Spud, -- I guess I will have to spell it out for you: The statement -- ““Islamophobia is common sense” -- is not the same as “Islamophobia = common sense”. Please stop twisting everything I say to suit your own ends. What I am saying, as anyone with an average IQ should understand easily, is that “Islamophobia is common-sensical“. I have given a number of concrete reasons for saying so, and I’d much rather discuss that than a silly notion invented for the sake of shaming decent folks and shutting us up. Apparently you support this endeavor, and I am sorry to say that amounts to being a useful idiot in my view. Still, I think you are a decent human being, and you deserve credit for speaking out against bigotry, just as I admire your concern for innocent children. I’ll give you credit also for being patient and persistent. You should, however, stop stigmatizing people you think you know. I’d advice you to try listening to what is actually being said, and it would be great if you could point to passages you find objectionable, instead of merely throwing empty words around.


        “Islamophobia is common sense” – is not the same as “Islamophobia = common sense

        Really, as most people who actually have common sense will see your statement in quite a different way. 2 + 2 = 4 and 2 + 2 is 4 are quite interchangable statements.. It seems you are doing all the twisting here to try, certainly the use word comensensical, seems more comic than sensible. You were also offered the chance to to tell me that despite my apparent confusion, islamophobia is not good.

        I have held you to task for what you personally have written on this site. And from what you have written, it seems that it is you who resorts to holding a faith community to task.and not for something they themselves have said or done either.

  3. You support bigotry, plain ans simple. If a new Synagogue was spoken about in such terms in the Arab world, it would be condemned rather than celebrated.

  4. I shall repeat, if a new synagogue in the arab world was spoken of in the way your post talks about mosques, it would be used as an indicator of both bigotry and ignorance. All the chuckling in the world won’t change that.

    I’m yet to understand why one group of people should be targeted with prejudice just because they share a skin colour, an ethnicity, or religion with another set of people.

    • Spud, -- where’s your sense of humour ? -- You fail to understand the message: Tolerance should go both ways, and Islam is a tolerant religion ????

      You talk about prejudice on the one hand and accuse me of supporting bigotry on the other, -- how can I take you seriously ? -- OF COURSE “noone should be targeted with prejudice just because they share a skin colour, an ethnicity, or religion with another set of people“, that is agreed 200 %, but if you could please provide evidence to the effect that anyone is being targeted on this blog for any of said reasons ?? -- I have damn’ good reasons for posting that joke, apart from it being really funny, and I am sorry if you fail to see that. -- Do us a favour here and make an effort to really explain why you think it amounts to bigotry. Honestly, I am curious ! -- And I promise to really LISTEN..

  5. Sorry I don’t find simple minded bigotry funny, Your joke attacks all and every muslim, just like jokes and attacks directed at synagogues or churches buildings would attack all members of those faiths. Not only are attacks of that nature wrong, in this instance it uses lazy bigotry, misinformation and prejudice to do so,

    Imagine for a moment in eastern europe there was talk about a new Jewish centre opening up, and jokes of this type started to be sent around. Would you participate in sending them or stand against such humour.

    You have every right to act in such a manner, but please don’t pretend that it is not bigoted, prejudiced and hateful.

    • Re: “Your joke attacks all and every muslim..”

      -- Says who ? -You see, that is exactly where you go wrong. It is tiresome having to repeat the same all over: I / we “Islamophobes” have no issues with “ordinary”, peace-loving, -democratically-minded and TOLERANT Muslims, who “simply” wish for a better life for themselves and their families, -- in fact we whole-heartedly support them and their human rights ! -- We have no intention whatsoever to ridicule or offend Muslims in general, or any other group for that matter. -- INtolerant, and BIGOTED -- in the true sense of that word -- Islamists, on the other hand, prejudiced and hateful, deserve to be laughed off of this planet ! -- Call me a bigot again, and I will call you an “useful idiot”, -- and I think you do know what I am hinting at.. -- Let us instead of name-calling try to understand each other and reach some common ground, that would be wonderful, thankyou ! -- So, for a start: I will give you credit for speaking out against bigotry, -- I imagine you are a well-meaning human being, but could you please stop this ‘shaming of someone -- me -- you know nothing about ?! -- The point is, that as far as I am concerned, I am speaking against exactly the same ! -- As I said already: The message of the joke is: Stop your hypocricy, stop demanding tolerance and respect from others, while being utterly INtolerant and disrespectful yourself !
      You fail to understand also why Islam(ists) is / are being targeted: Because it / they IS / ARE utterly intolerant, and I see absolutley no reason to justify this self-evident statement ! -- Jews, -- apart from a few ultra-orthodox nutcases, -- generally mind their own business, have a GREAT sense of humour, easily integrates in Western societies, do not attempt to constantly bully others, try to shut us up, intimidate and threaten, get the point ? -- I have no reason to tell a similar joke targeted at “intolerant” Jews, ’cause they ain’t , that’s why.
      Please try to unerstand this: I am a Human Rights activist, wishing for a better life for ALL of humanity, how about a little credit here ?!

      Here’s another joke for you:

  6. I didn’t call you a bigot, I said you support bigotry. You seem to prefer calling people names, so I can see how you might make that mistake.

    How on earth you can say that your comments about a mosque do not target all muslims is beyond me. I already asked you to think of what you would think if people who made similar comments about Synagogues.

    Now you seemed to be now saying that your comments are about Islamists instead, but your posts make no such distinction. So hopefully with this admission you can see just how bigoted your posts really are.

    No doubt people who attack and mock Synagogues could make the same qualifiers when their bigotry and prejudice is exposed.

    Like I said you have a right to hold firmly to your bigotry and your ignorance, but please don’t further insult the intelligence of the reader by pretending it is neither of those things.

    • Man, you really are trying my patience. Did I not specifically speak out against name-calling ? -- yet you have the cheek to suggest it’s my way of having a “dialogue” ? -- Then you say you are not calling me a bigot.. and finish your comment with: “Like I said you have a right to hold firmly to your bigotry and your ignorance..” -- Who is exposing who here..

      What “comments about a mosque” are you referring to exactly ? -- I am not aware of any (negative) comments, except.. let us recapitulate:

      “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque
      being built in Toronto .

      I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of
      their religious beliefs.

      Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.

      Could you please explain to us how this is attacking and mocking ? -- The rest of the joke / story is of course slightly ironical, -- but again, that is the whole idea with the joke, I repeat: to expose the hypocrisy, -- just too bad you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that.

  7. I still having called you a bigot, I have said your posts are and you are welcome to express such bigotry.

    If you really are now saying that the earlier email you posted was not only aimed at Islamist, but now was not mocking then I must suggest you really do stick to comedy.

    In your earlier justifications, you excused Jews from these kind of attacks because, for you at least, they aren’t not a problem, but apparently Muslims are. Therefore Muslims,be they in London, Toronto or Tunisa are all in your cross hairs, regardless of who they are and what they do. This is quite simply bigotry.

    The kind of emails you published are the type that are directed at Muslims groups all over Europe and America, for no other reason than their personal faith.

    The only hypocrisy I see on display is that of those who claim to be against prejudice and bigotry, while at the same time celebrating it.

    • Re: “Therefore Muslims,be they in London, Toronto or Tunisa are all in your cross hairs, regardless of who they are and what they do. This is quite simply bigotry.”

      Yes, -- if that was the case, but it is NOT, I repeat NOT, -- it is merely what is stuck in a close-minded head like yours, and I am giving up hope on having you listen to what I am actually saying to you, namely that I have no issues with democratically-minded etc. muslims at all. What you are suggesting is pure nonsense if not a downright lie, and I am losing patience here.. -- How about you tell us if it is ok with you how women, atheists, apostates, homosexuals, etc. etc. etc. etc. are being treated in Islamic countries ? -- And you are seriously suggesting A JOKE is a serious offense ?? -- Sorry mate, but I really must laugh..

  8. If this is not the case then why are Muslims in Toronoto to be attacked for nothing other than trying to open a mosque. What does the treatment of women or homosexuals in Iran have to do with African American Muslims in America? Anyone who cares to read this exchange can see how you have come full circle as each of your excuses has been exposed.

    If you are losing patience, maybe it is because you are losing the argument. But consider the patience a Muslim child in the west has to have when rhetoric like yours follows them into the playground and they are attacked for some something happening in Afghanistan..

    • Actually, I don’t know what is happening in Toronto, and anyway it has no relevance to my use of the story / joke. I should think I have explained my reasons clearly enough, and I can’t help it if you chose to ignore that. I guess you just know more about my motives than I do myself.. -- I honestly don’t care how many mosques are being built, even considering the brainwashing and hatefilled bullshit being spread in many of them, -- what I care about is Human Rights and I despise hypocricy, get it ?

      No, -- what goes on in Iran has nothing to do with African American Muslims, -- who says it has ? -- Readers will decide for themselves who is being exposed here, don’t you worry.

      You keep talking about “rhetoric like yours”, but do us a favour and point to any concrete words of mine you object to ? -- What exactly do you have in mind, apart from the joke ? -- As for children in the West being attacked for what is happening in Afghanistan or the Middle East: First and foremost it is JEWISH children who are being attacked, and by whom ? -- if you are really sincere about a better future for muslims, you would stop your shaming of decent people fighting for Human Rights for ALL of us !


    If you don’t know what is happening in Toronto, then you have at least admitted your ignorance. Next up is the bigotry you promote.

    “No, – what goes on in Iran has nothing to do with African American Muslims, – who says it has ? ”

    You do. That’s why, while defending your mockery of muslims in toronoto, you ask about gay rights places like Iran..

    You are the one seems to to hold muslims anywhere, to be accountable for muslims everywhere. It is just that kind of thinking that allows Jewish children in France to become ‘targets’ because of Jewish armies in the West Bank.

    If you are sincere about a better future for everyone, you will consider the ugly and bigoted views you espouse here.

    • I don’t care what is happening in Toronto, in terms of controversies surrounding the building of mosques. In fact I am sick and tired of hearing about controversies surrounding mosques all over. If that is ignorance to you, -- well, -- be my guest.

      You keep throwing wild accusations at me, and again, I will have to ask you document your lies. -- The keyword you are using is SEEMS, but I guess I should understand that as some sort of progress.. -- At least it might open up the possibility of you beginning to listen to what is actually being said here..

      Believe me, I am considering each and every word I say very carefully, in all sincerity. In exchange, you are busy throwing mud at me, thankyou very much..


    Care to document one lie I have made? I have not thrown mud at you, I have held you to account for your ugly and misguided words and your weak justifications for them. I must say you seem to have little problem with people who throw mud at muslims via emails or on youtube videos..

    You may want to consider why you decided you would like to talk about gay rights in Iran when discussing your comments about muslims in canada, If a Jew had objected to commentary on your site about a synagogue opening in Canada, would you think it fitting to ask about settlers in the west bank?

    I think that is a question you really have to ponder.

    • We are really not making any progress here, are we, and I will not waste more time on you. You are simply not listening, and I am tired of repeating myself. One -- among others -- BIG stinking lie is that I am “holding a faith community to task“. You are the one in need of documentation mate ! -- I have a suggestion for you: Instead of your incessant shaming here and ludicrous talk about bigotry because of a funny and clever joke, you could head over to Avaaz / Horror in Paradise and do something useful: Sign the petition in support of a 15-year-old rape survivor sentenced to be whipped 100 times in public -- That, my friend, is an example -- among hundreds -- of what this blog is fighting against. Who are the bigots here ?! -- Thanks for the discussion all the same, but I’m sorry to say I don’t find it constructive. I was hoping to reach some understanding, but have been disappointed. However, you are always welcome to comment here, and I cannot promise I will not reply..


    So you are not holding a faith community to task but you feel able to mock them if they think about opening a mosque. And when asked if this rhetoric is suitable, you mentioning events taking place in a muslim country in another continent? Doesn’t this strike you in the least bit as odd?

    If that really is the ‘biggest stinking lie’ that you object to, then I am happy to rest my case ,

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  13. Just a quick FYI — not that it matters much — but that joke/quote that started this off is incorrectly sourced. Jiggs was not the author of this “joke” that has been making the rounds for several years now. Not sure how it ever got attributed to him, but he did not author it or even repeat it. If you google it, you’ll find it used often — especially anywhere that a new mosque is being built — and typically without a source at all, or sometimes it is said that it comes from a “letter to the editor” from the UK Daily Mail. Not sure why the original author wouldn’t want to own up to it. But it wasn’t Jiggs.

    • Hey, thanks for the information, much appreciated, and sorry I deleted your first comment. I thought it was spam, as I wasn’t even aware of anyone named Jiggs on this blog. One has to be careful these days, considering that some muslims are not amused with our jokes.. -- Reliable sources are important, so your information does matter, -- thanks again.

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