Euler’s formula, – and Yityish Aynaw, – Miss Israel 2013..

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Obama - Yityish AynawI hear Obama will be visiting Israel this week. I’m not sure why, as I am not aware of any new peace-initiatives.. – Oh well, – they have enough to talk about all  the same: Syria, Iran, etc., and on the really positive side, Obama will have the opportunity to exchange pleasantries with Black Miss Israel 2013, Ethiopian-born beauty queen Yityish Aynaw, who, for some reason, – ( ’cause she’s black perhaps.. ), – has been invited for the planned gala dinner, due to insistence from an advance party of White House officials..

yityish-aynawPhoto credit: /Miss Israel 2013 qui est native dethiopie dinera avec Obama

Yityish Aynaw says:

“For me, he is a role model who broke down barriers, a source of inspiration that proves that every person really can reach any height, regardless of their religion, race or gender” 

Exchange he for she, and Obama might say the same about her..

Anyway, – as I am actually trying – so far in vain – to understand the paradoxical Euler’s Formula, – the most beautiful mathematical equation of all timeI thought I’d entertain you instead – and myself   – with a little gossip, and, naturally, a couple of photos..

– Any objections ?.. – (Sorry, Michelle..)

Yityish Aynaw - Miss Israel 2013

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2 responses to “Euler’s formula, – and Yityish Aynaw, – Miss Israel 2013..

  1. I wrote a post about Euler’s formula quite a while ago (the post was called “the beauty of mathematics I” or something like that.) It’s one of my favorites. There’s no way to derive it except using a Taylor expansion of the exponential, the sine and the cosine, that I’m aware of. Well, you could also derive it (now that I think of it) that showing both expressions (the sine and the exponential) are solutions to the same exact differential equation.
    Sorry, I don’t know your mathematical background so I’m not sure if I’m sounding completely bizarre or absolutely trivial…

    • Wow, -- what a coincidence, thanks for telling, and I will definitely read your post. There’s nothing bizarre or trivial about what you’re saying. Let’s just say my mathematical abilities allow me to be deeply fascinated with the beauty of it, as well as it’s paradoxes, without really understanding it.., at least not on a higher level. Actually, my fascination with Phi, the Golden Ratio, the one constant “missing” in Euler’s formula, is even greater, as it appears to unite.. -- I was going to say Heaven and Earth, but that would be misleading, as I am neither a Dualist nor religious, but you probably know what I am getting at.. -- By the way, Miss Israel is most likely a highly “golden ratio” -- lady. -- ( For those without mathematical knowledge: She has “Divine” proportations : )

      Did you see the video:

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