Syria.. is.. somewhere in Africa, right ? – What Do YOU know ?

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I’ve just taken the Pew Research Center News IQ Quiz. – Here’s the result:

The News IQ Quiz - Pew Research Center

Or: better than 56% of responders – 1,041 randomly sampled American adults –  and below 32% – ( By the way.. I am Danish.. )

One question was:
What Middle Eastern country is highlighted on this map?

What do we know- The State of America’s Visual IQ - Online Classes

1. Syria
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Egypt


Correct answers : 50 % , – which is shockingly low, especially considering the constant News-coverage.

For overall results, and great info-graphics, visit :

What Do We Know, – The state of America’s visual IQ

Of course we Danes are a lot smarter than you Americans, which is why most of us would immediately recognize this skyline below as being from Damascus, – (the capital of Syria, in case you don’t know). Perhaps not all of us would recognize this skyline, but then of course we can always trust the News on our state-owned TV2, who  used this photo  in a story about Syria’s Cultural heritage. As it turned out, the “photo” was graphics from Assassin’s Creed, a Playstation Game !

damascus - Assassin's Creed

I was thinking also.. maybe 50 % correctly naming Syria on a map is not that bad after all.. – I mean, how may Danes / Europeans would actually name the country highlighted – (randomly chosen) – below correctly ?

Central America un-labeled

Of course you Americans, with your high Visual IQ’s and great knowledge of the World in general, will easily name all of these Central American bana.. Repub.., eh, Tourist Paradises, right ?

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9 responses to “Syria.. is.. somewhere in Africa, right ? – What Do YOU know ?

  1. Of course we americans can name off all the “banana republics” and they indeed are wonderful escapes from the monotony, tedium and lack of “heart” of mainstream Anglo-Saxon America, and Europe for that matter; just as the ” burnt out hippie-paradise” of Goa is an exotic offbeat attraction for Danes and Englishmen--yes you have succeeded in being arrogant enough to be classified as annoying -- ha don’t take it too seriously- you asked for it, (Smarter than us??)

  2. What this shows is that Assassin’s Creed’s graphics are bloody amazing…

  3. I just took this too. 12 of 13. Not bad for an American huh? The one I got wrong was that Kerry was the Sec. of State (I guessed that it was Panetta, which is stupid on my part because I KNOW he was the Secretary of Defense).

    • 12 / 13 is pretty good, -- actually VERY good -- for an American :)) -- In Denmark you see Kerry very frequently on the News, and Boehner.. hell, -- we Liberal / Left-leaning Danes all know who -- in our opinion -- the bad guys are.. and have seen him very frequently too, so I had those two right, but I could not point out the three other Americans, which is why I got 10 / 13. -- Actually, I thought the quiz was a bit silly, and I don’t think it has all that much to do with intelligence. Knowledge yes, but not necessarily intelligence. “Visual IQ” ? -- Rather than recognizing flags of countries and people’s faces, I’d say, for instance, your ability to read body language is a better indicator.

      • Well, I don’t know much about modern Denmark. :)

        • Well, -- no reason why you should, or perhaps there is.. -- apart from our pretty girls, that is.. :)

          According to the Economist, Scandinavian countries are leading the way out of financial troubles. I should think it makes interesting reading for Libertarians..

          Special report: Northern Lights

          • Thanks. I’ll check that out. Over here you guys are considered a bunch of socialists, but in many ways you are far less so than we are.

            But as long as your girls are pretty, all that other stuff is pretty unimportant. :)

  4. Thanks -- wonderful, -- I am extremely busy as my pretty wife is turning 50, but going to watch the whole video later, and who knows, maybe I can use it for some blog-post..

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