Jihad – and the Global War on Terror..

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DisclaimerI am actually a fan of Barack Obama, who comes across to me as a fine human being, but I must say I totally disagree with apologetics of Islam…

Now, –
according to John Bolton, the Daily Beast, and the personal blog of jacquesdelacroix,  Barack Obama last week Declared Defeat in Global War on Terror. I only really read the headline of the Daily Beast article, but I happen to know that Mr. Delacroix is a man to whom FACTS MATTER a lot, so I’ll take his word for it, that Obama has actually made this claim.

In response to President Obama’s announcing the end of the war on terror, writes Monsieur Delacroix…

“Imams and Muslim theologians in America and in Europe advise all good Muslims to turn anyone making terrorist noises over to the police.

“Al Quaida in the Islamic Maghreb” puts down its weapons. Its members ask for government jobs in the post offices of the various countries in North Africa.

“Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula” announces that it will from now on dispute power in Yemen entirely through verbal propaganda and through the ballot box.

The Afghan Taliban (“students”) agree that they will desist from throwing acid in the eyes of little girls who like school. They say that they will just shoot them in the future.

“Their neighbors, the Pakistani Taliban ( also “students”), go one better by promising never to shoot schoolgirls in the head again. Instead, they promise they will only beat schoolgirls as a measure of Islamic compassion.

Long live Barack Obama the peace-maker!

More fun at FactsMatter:

President Obama Wins War on Terror

Now listen to Godless Comedian Pat Condell pointing his moralizing finger at selfdeclared “moderate” Muslims:

Muslims must reject Jihad:

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4 responses to “Jihad – and the Global War on Terror..

  1. Thank you. I hope your reader understand sarcasm. Of course, President Obama declared victory in the war on terror, not defeat.

    Sure, he is a fine human being who never accomplished anything in his life but get elected (which he does very well.) He never had a real full-time job. He was not any good at extortion (“community organizing”). The reform of American health insurance -- which I would abolish tomorrow, if I could but that’s besides the point -- was the work of a congressional caballah. Obama was absent throughout. He tends to be absent from everything. The only goods thing about him is that he looks good in a suit, very presentable, better than all past US presidents since Kennedy. In fact, I think he may be just (BE) the suit, an empty suit propped up by the gangsterish Chicago political machine.

    I hope I have not been too shy. I hope I have expressed clearly where I stand.

    Please, don’t call me “Monsieur.” I hope soon to publish my book of memoirs entitled: “I Used to Be French….” (Excerpts on my blog.) If you must refer to me with a French word because it warms up your cold Scandinavian hearts, the appropriate word would be : “Maitre” !

    • “Rude” and free-spirited Scandinavian hearts, not cold, Maître. -- Yes, you sure have expressed yourself clearly, just the way I like it, and in accordance with what someone famous said: “Say exactly what you believe to be the truth, or rather shut up”.

      I try not to throw pearls before swine on this blog, and I trust that most readers understand sarcasm, but I don’t lie awake at night if they don’t. -- Sometimes things get a little confusing though, un-intentionally. The headline, “Obama declares defeat in Global war on terror” was taken from the Daily Beast article, and I guess it is a matter of interpretation what Obama really means. I checked with a couple of newspapers, and didn’t find any declaration of victory or defeat. What I read -- headlines only -- was “Obama ends war on terror”, recasts war on terror, but I’ll leave it to you and your Liberal scumbag adversaries to find out exactly what goes on in your absent-minded President’s head. -- Still, it matters a lot even to Scandinavians.., -- maybe even to the French..

      Let me know when your book is published, -- I want to read it !

  2. What a horrid mix of ignorance and stupidity.

    ps. No sarcasm.

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