Crashing the Catwalk: Femen, Lovelyn, and The Heidi-Horror-Picture-Show…

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For some reason I cannot acces the website of Ukrainian activists FEMEN at this time, so not sure if those sextremists here are actually “Femen”, but my guess is  they are.., and seems to know..

Anyway, story is that..

Germany’s Next Top Model” ended with a spectacular finale on Thursday night, but not because of an unexpected winner or other such publicity stunt…

“Instead, the twist was a flash of naked skin that for once had not been planned by   [Heidi] Klum’s production team. For just a few seconds, two topless Femen activists stormed the catwalk, with the words “Heidi Horror Picture Show” printed in black lettering across their chests”.

Germany’s next supermodel ?

'Germany's Next Topmodel' Finals


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Ps – Ok, so you wish to know who the winner was ? – Here she is:

LOVELYN – Germany’s eighth Top-Model

Finale «Germany's Next Topmodel»

Ah, but perhaps you like this better: Lovelyn


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