Progressive, Vegetarian Muslims ??..

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No, this is not a joke, although that headline just doesn’t sound right, does it… Vegetarian muslim ? – Yeah, I guess there are some.., but progressive muslims ??..

Muslims for progressive valueI make no secret of being extremely critical of Islam, and, consequently, muslims.., and this attitude is clearly reflected in various articles I’ve written…
Now, instead of repeating ad nauseum, that I am against Islam, but not, therefore, against all muslims, I am proactively going to post something positive, and trust me: I am truly delighted to do so !

For starters, you could visit Muslims for progressive values, a name that should speak for itself I should think.. – I found them via an article on Huffington Post, written by Anila Muhammad, a member of the MPV Toronto chapter.

So, – about progressive muslims.. – Would you say it is progressive to be a vegan /vegetarian ? – If so, there’s your proof, – not a mathematical proof, but :

Some muslims are vegetarians / vegans  >
(Some.. (!) vegetarians are progressive  >
Some muslims are progressive !

One such progressive, vegetarian muslim, is Fazil Shah, who tells us, – (and keep this in mind next time you order your flight-meal..) :

“I’m a B777 captain and I found out about the source and the process of the aircraft food preparation. Meat, for instance, comes from a dead animal, days old. It’s stored or frozen with preservatives, loaded on the aircraft hours later, and cooked once again when airborne. It might taste good because of our “conditioned upbringing” and the “camouflage of spices.” But it has hardly any nutritional value”.

Muslim vegetarian

“Within months of changing my food consumption to vegetarianism, my thought processes changed, my sleep patterns got better and deeper, I served society and helped people, managed my human emotions with a smile and fell sick less often. It’s been eight years now, and combined with some yoga, prayers, and good food (fruits and veggies) I’ve not fallen ill or taken any antibiotics”.

“The power of discrimination as humans, coexisting with nature, god, universal consciousness — whatever we consider a higher purpose — is there within all of us. A spark of inquiry is needed, and if we deepen our roots, broaden our vision, we will guarantee a better world. A pollution-free, stress-free and violence-free society. A future better for our species and an inter-dependent existence as an earthling”.

Meet more progressive muslims:

Why I Went Vegan:’ Stories From Vegetarian Muslims

Ps. Actually, I have written positively about muslims before, see, for instance:

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