Jewcy IDF pic’s & video keep a-comin’…

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There seems to be a major Internet fetish for Israeli female soldiers..

You bet !  -and this blog proudly and happily joins the party !

Some of you will be of the opinion that I should be ashamed of myself for posting such  interesting, Jewcy, sexually arousing, antifeminist, very anti-educational and sociologically fascinating nude photos of women soldiers in the IDF, but, sorry mate, I ain’t ashamed at all, – in fact I’m proud to do so, – it kinda elevates one’s mood you know, and it sure is a lot of fun !

Now, be warned: Below you will find one or two Jewcy pic’s of IDF soldiers wearing a bit of army gear but definitely no boots..

Now, as you will understand, I don’t need no justification for posting this, besides being a perfectly   dirty normal human being / male, – and rude Dane if you like.., but let me say this:

Today, – well, – yesterday actually, three Femen activists were sentenced to four months in a Tunesian prison. What for ? – Well, – indecent behavior, inappropriate outfits or lack thereof, insulting Islam..

One way I reacted to the depressing news was to write on Facebook: Islamist  assholes ! – FEMEN, – we LOVE you !
And by Allah, did I mean both statements with all of my heart !

So, if you really need any justification, it is this: I wish to contrast Islamic “justice” and behavior with justice and behavior in civilized israel. – So what terrible fate has fallen upon the rebellious Israeli “Femen” ? – They’ve received “a reprimand“.., but thank heaven they are undeterred, and photos appear to keep a-comin’..

Okay, okay, no more talk..

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