Holy Religulous Shit.. happens..

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This blog refuses to get bogged down because of the constant flow of tragic and depressing news from around the world, e.g. ~100.000 civilians killed in Syrian civil war.., and insists on a healthy supply of hearty, cosmic laughs. After all, only conniving assh.. will deny that the meaning of life is JOY in the PRESENT MOMENT..

Apropos, I am following Syrian Atheists, who are posting lots of wise, thought-provoking,  uplifting and FUN stuff, like this below, which reminded me of the famous saying that:

When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes..

religious truth shit happens Holy Religulous Shit.. happens..

Reading the comments, I see, not surprisingly, that a muslim is upset, offended.., so.. let us “offend” a bit more, shall we..

If this cartoon does not make you laugh, I believe you don’t have a sense of humour ! – which makes me really, really sorry for you..

zapiro mahummed on couch Holy Religulous Shit.. happens..

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