Atlas of Prejudice: European Penis Size..matters..

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Repeating what I wrote in last post, this blog insists on a healthy supply of hearty, cosmic laughs, – (even when favourable to the French..), – so below are two images from Atlas of Prejudice.

Via Spiegel Online :

“Each person has a different way of looking at the world, but these views are often bundled in the form of prejudices. In his new book, Atlas of Prejudice recently published in Germany, Bulgarian designer Yanko Tsvetskov, 38, has created satirical maps based on national and historical clichés”.
(English edition is expected soon)

Click on images to view complete slideshow:

Atlas of Prejudice

Atlas of Prejudice

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2 responses to “Atlas of Prejudice: European Penis Size..matters..

  1. I like the penis map. I couldn’t read the metric for Denmark because if was too small for my reading glasses. It figures!

    • Metric for Denmark: 15.29.

      To zoom in / out, hold Ctrl., -- use + to zoom in, and -- to zoom out. To reset to default, press ctrl. and 0. -- Last resort: Ask me :)

      Have a nice weekend ! -- Hope temperatures are down.. -- Here summer has arrived, with blue skies and perfect temperatures around 24 / 75. Nevertheless, I am going to spend the afternoon on the sofa, watching Le Tour, now they are hitting the Pyrenees.

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