Ahmed Akkari, leading imam during Cartoon Crisis regrets involvement.., – apologizes to Kurt Westergaard and all of Denmark..

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No, I am not religious, e.g. Christian, but all the same I like this Bible-verse a lot:

“..there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent“. – (Luke, 15:7)

If you need to know why, let me tell you this: I deeply admire people who have the courage to admit they were wrong, – then turn around and head upstream, whereas I despise self-righteous “dead fish”. Remember: Only dead fish go with the flow..

The “sinner” I have in mind, is Ahmed Akkari, former spokesman for the Islamic Society in Denmark, who’s seen the light, and now warns against the dangerous and intolerant mindset he himself used to represent.

As for the righteous.., – well, too numerous to mention..,but now that Akkari has come out in support of freedom of speech, the leftist Islam-apologetics are strikingly quiet.., suspicioulsy quiet.., – not that I am surprised..

akkari westergaard

Kurt Westergaard, left, recently met Akkari in person, and received an apology for Akkari’s role in the cartoon-crisis.

It is beyond me, however, that not a single foreign newspaper has written about it, – at least not yet, – so these paragraphs below are from The Copenhagen Post:

The search for the ideal society

Akkari has spent his time looking for a country with “peace, serenity and understanding”, a kind of ideal society. He points to the Scandinavian countries, Canada and Australia as examples of ideal societies:

You can’t find many examples of societies like that around the world. So I have deducted that there must be something wrong with those societies where, in the name of religion, individuals are stripped of their right to free expression.”

The world doesn’t need a lid on human expression. That also goes for people you might disagree with. There was something deep-seated in the mentality of the group I belonged to, which I just didn’t notice. There was this fundamental idea that people were not allowed to express themselves freely, and that is just wrong,”

Were the (Muhammad) cartoons misused ?

The way I see it today, yes. Behind all the talk of protecting religious imagery, there is always power and abuse,” he said. “It is simply revolting.”

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3 responses to “Ahmed Akkari, leading imam during Cartoon Crisis regrets involvement.., – apologizes to Kurt Westergaard and all of Denmark..

  1. Great article, thanks! and I wish like you that this got more mainstream media attention

    • Hi, -- thanks yourself.

      Akkari has become a real headache for leftist apologetics, and his former “colleagues” in the Islamic Society are not amused either. Both groups have chosen to ignore him, as they find themselves in a precarious situation and have no sensible way to respond.. -- They are pathetic, and I almost feel sorry for them.. -- Well, “almost”.. :)

      Akkari has declared himself willing to make statements about his repentance and support of freedom of speech, as well as warnings against Islamists, in Arab media, and says: I am ready for Al Jazeera ! -- We’ll see, -- he is clearly a “hot potato”, so will they call.. -- Probably not..

  2. I will keep an eye on foreign newspapers in the coming days. Right now I did a search via PressDisplay and found a couple of articles, one in a Turkish newspaper, -- (Milliyet), -- one in “Die Presse”, Austria, and a couple from Germany.
    Going to Google-translate that Turkish article..

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