Holy meatballs! – New Dark Age dawning.. Halal News from the rotten state of Duckpond Denmark..

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Note: If you care to hear my opinion, read through this..

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat (balls..)?!
(From Pink Floyd: “Another brick in the Wall”)

A surge of public outrage is sweeping duckpond Denmark.. – A new Dark Age is dawning.., and them muslims are to blame.., so I hear..

So what’s the fuzz all about ? – Well, – our most cherished national symbol, – “Frikadellen”, – the meatball, is threatened.., and, realizing it could cost her Social-Democratic Party a lot of votes if she didn’t, none other than our Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Smidt, has come forward with an important message:



The controversy, – this farce.. has now reached The Stonegate Institute:

“According to Ekstra Bladet ,  at least 30 nurseries, preschools and daycare centers in Denmark have banned the Danish national dish — pan-fried meatballs known as frikadeller — because they include pork and are offensive to Muslim children”.

And then there’s The halal food row.. which erupted in July when  Ekstra Bladet reported that:

“Hvidovre Hospital near Copenhagen has been secretly serving only halal-slaughtered meat for the sake of its Muslim patients, for the past ten years. The hospital serves more than 40,000 patients annually, many (if not most) of whom presumably are non-Muslim”.

The hospital advises non-Muslims to take it or leave it:

“We always have alternatives to halal meat such as pork, fish or vegetarian dishes. It is a question of attitude.”

A question of attitude ?.. – YOU BET !!

Veganism - reversed roles

According to the Danish People’s Party (DF), which is pushing for limiting immigration and promoting cultural assimilation of admitted immigrants,

“the government should intervene in the halal dispute by passing a law that would prohibit public institutions from discriminating against Danish culture”.

Denmark Bans Meatballs to Accommodate Muslims (!) 

Ok, – so here are my opinions:

A law prohibiting discrimination against Danish culture ?

A completely ludicrous idea, – that member of  the Danish People’s Party is a narrow-minded i**** !

Should Danes be more accomodating to all faiths ?

In principle yes, in reality NO, and Danes are already sufficiently accomodating to religion. You might say we live and let live.., and that is all as it should be, – up to a point.. – When hospitals begin serving ONLY halal-slaughtered meat for the sake of its Muslim patients, that point, that line, has been crossed. Think of it:

How would you carnivores / meetball-eaters react if, to accomodate veg’ans, hospitals offered fruits & vegetables only ?! – I very much appreciate kindness and deference – (if that’s the proper word) – to the beliefs of others, and in principle, hospitals, kindergartens, planes, etc. should offer halal, kosher, veg’an, etc. food to those who demand it. However, because I absolutely deplore cruelty to animals, I support and wish for a complete ban on halal- and kosher meat.

According to an article in The Guardian, most animals are stunned before having their throats slit, – (how truly kind..), – just like in mainstream food production, – and I have to say I’ve done no research and don’t know what is true and what is not.. – Besides, there is a veritable nightmare of cruelty in said mainstream food production, and honestly, I’d support a ban on “mainstream”, caged eggs, chickens, pigs, etc. anytime ! – If not, you could, –  quite rightly, –  call me a hypocrite..

Veganism - animal-welfare-meme

Danes, along with the rest of this cruel world, rather than accommodate religionSHOULD DO MORE TO ACCOMMODATE THE ABOLITION OF SUFFERING OF ALL SENTIENT BEINGS !

– and giving up their meatballs / frikadeller might do them good as well..

Have I made myself clear…

chart-of-meat-consumption per capita 2002 copy

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