“Hijab Outcry”: FEMEN, Amina (Tyler) Sboui, Sherlyn Chopra, “Religiophobia” and the oppression of women…

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Young Tunesian “Topless Jihad” activist, Amina “F**k-your-morals” (Tyler) Sboui is turning her back on Ukrainian “sextremists” FEMEN, accusing the group of Islamophobia.. – She is also criticizing Femen for “shady funding”:

“I don’t want to be in a movement supported by suspect money. What if it is financed by Israel” ?

The news came as a bit of a shock to me, but.. just a thought: Did authorities whisper in her ear that renouncing Femen could keep her out of jail.. – I dunno.., but there seems to be something fishy going on..

Undeterred, Femen has made a clear statement:

Bible, Torah, Quran are all the same shit !

FEMEN is not islamophobic, nor christianophobic, nor judeophobic.

FEMEN is RELIGIOPHOBIC because all religions oppress women !

Femen versus Bible, Torah, Quran

Meanwhile, in Sweden, – the “Saudi-Arabia of Feminism”.., Swedish feminists, (in)famous for being among the most Islam-apologetic around, are in uproar over an alleged assault / hate-crime against a pregnant muslim woman, merely for wearing a hijab / headscarf, and have organized an hijab outcry.

The point I wish to make here, is that FEMEN Sweden supports the outcry..

Naturally, women should decide for themselves what to wear and what not to wear, but.. forgive me for saying.. I’d much rather support women’s right to wear little, or nothing at all, without ,mind you, being harrassed by religious and /or any other sickly misogynistic assholes !

Now that I’m at it, this Indian model and actress, half Muslim and half Christian.., has my complete approval.. : (Hat tip: Planck’s Constant)

sherlyn Chopra_coffee

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