Syria: Enough is enough !

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Syria - Chemical massacre

Let me be clear: This blog fully supports Western intervention in Syria !

But that would be illegal, you say ?

Well, – I couldn’t care less , and here’s a word to you anti-imperialist Zionist NOW masonic Satanist American conspiracy theorists :

You are scared of destruction??! 

What is left to destroy ? Assad bombed the living shit out of the country !

You are worried about death?

Over 100,000 died already!

Maybe you are scared of terrorism?

Well good morning ! – Al Qaeda is already killing infidels on ID.

I don’t know what  did you manage to convenience your paranoid mind with but that’s your choice. While me on behalf of 65% of Syrian Atheists network members and on behalf of that little girl and thousands like her I welcome any foreign military intervention regardless where it may come from and I sincerely thank all and every citizen of every country that stood up to humanitarian ideals and decided to defend the innocent.

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Syria - Rama

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6 responses to “Syria: Enough is enough !

  1. We need to get in there and make sure Al Quaeda replaces Assad. It’s obvious eh?

    • That is definitely something to worry about, but I trust the majority of Syrians will not allow it to happen. Syrians are not exactly secular, but more so than Egyptians. -- Besides, we should always be weary of the “soft bigotry of low expectations”.. -- Yes, I really am fond of that expression : )
      In case I’m wrong: We’ll deal with it then, -- right now it’s time for action. A red line has been crossed..

  2. Interesting post. I wrote something on a similar topic a while ago, you might be interested, baring in mind what you’ve written here.

    • Thanks, -- I’ve just read your article, and I’d say you could get a job as a Stratfor Analyst anytime : ) -- Your article is very thoughtful and highly informative, but.. a little ambiguous perhaps.., or maybe I should just read it again, as it wasn’t quite clear to me if you support some kind of intervention. From a quick reading, I understand you do support some action, but nothing premature.., correct me if I’m wrong.. -- I am linking to your article..

      • That’s one of the best compliments i’ve heard in a while so thankyou kindly! The ambiguity -- I promise -- is intentional, designed to spark debate but yes, I support intervention if the plan is there; with a well designed strategy; a beginning middle and an end. I fear that if we go about this in the rash, zealous manner about which we often go as a coalition then this time the concequences could leave us outside of our comfort zone to say the least.

        • Yes, I follow your wise words, but.. on the other hand: We’ve been waiting about two years already.., plenty of time for a well designed strategy, including a middle and an end as you say. As far as I’m concerned, THE read line has been crossed, and if “Obama” does not react pretty soon.., -- well, -- let’s just say I will be very disappointed. Empty rhetoric is not my cup of tea..

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