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Visitors.. : Dalai Lama versus Bilal Philips..

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Bilal Philips, – or, if you prefer, “Dr.”  Bilal Philips, – according to own website “Muslim scholar, lecturer, author, editor, translator and professor” visited Copenhagen today. He was invited by the Danish Islamic Society to speak about Islamophobia…

“Dr.” Bilal is considered so radical as to be seen as a threat to social cohesion and has therefore been denied entry into the UK and Australia..

In Denmark a ban is thought by most to be an act of hypocracy, that would most likely give the good “Dr” Bilal even more “credibility” in the views of local youngsters in the radicalization-danger-zone, so instead I just watched him on national TV, where it was announced that he would give an interview on prime-time 9-o’clock news !

Bilal Philips is infamous for his hardcore opinions about women, Jews, homosexuals, apostates, blasphemers etc.,  and do I have to say this involves Death, beating, etc. ?!

Subject then: “Islamophobia: Is Islam a threat to the West” ?

Our other “prominent” visitor was “His Holiness” Dalai Lama, who is always welcome in Denmark, although no government officials go out of their way to meet him, to say the least. – You guessed it: They are so f… afraid of insulting the Chinese, – SHAME on them, – Chinese as well as Danes !

So what was Dalai Lama here for.. – Oh yes, – I checked with a couple of talks scheduled in Sweden and Denmark:

 April 15,- Stockholm:
The talk will center around compassion, His Holiness’ engagement with the environment and human rights.”

April 16, – Lund, – Sweden:
He’ll be talking about compassion, understanding, self discipline and satisfaction“.

April 18, – Copenhagen:
His first talk will cover Chekawa’s 7 Point Mind Training, and the 2nd session will focus on what makes life meaningful“.

Do I need to say any more…

Ps. May 1st: Long Beach, California..

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