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Ahmed Akkari on France 24 / English..

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I’m still busy setting up this blog, now that I’ve switched to WordPress.org. New nameservers (DNS) are active, but there’s plenty to do before I’m satisfied  and ready to post new stuff. I couldn’t resist posting this video though. It is a France 24 /English report about Ahmed Akkari’s repentance, that I also wrote about here , here and here.

The report is.. ok, except for one important thing: At time 4:21 /5:07 Akkari receives a gift that includes a mug.., but this mug is not just any mug.., – it is a mug with a cartoon on it.., but not just any cartoon.. – It is Kurt Westergaard’s (in)famous Muhammed-with-a-bomb-in-his-turban

Imam regrets role in Mohammed cartoon protests - YouTube

But wait a min.., – what’s this.., – France 24 is pixelating the mug ! – What a bunch of Islam-apologetic cowards is all I say, and how utterly ridiculous ! – This mug can be found all over the internet, – I just did, – and the cartoon itself was shown recently on Danish State TV, without anyone raising an eyebrow, including muslims !Mug - Muhammed - cartoon - Kurt Westergaard

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“Good News /Bad News”: Ahmed Akkari, The Huffington Post, Freedom of Speech / Self-censorship..

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19TIER-articleInlineOn Social networks, psychologist are finding, good news beat bad news.
Not so in newspapers and / or television, where bad news sell, and good news is no news..

I dunno.., but maybe the above applies to the GOOD “news”, that Ahmed Akkari, Danish Muslim Leader In Cartoon Rage Regrets Role, Apologizes To Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

GOOD , mind you, to those of us who wish for reconciliaton among adversaries, i.e. human understanding..

As for “News”, Akkari’s repentance is already old news here in Denmark, but the story has finally reached The Huffington PostSame story also appeared in theguardian and dailymail (U.K.), in Australia, in Canada,  in Israel, in the Philipines..

RichardDawkins.net is also paying attention and linking to the article. – That is all very fine, but I have yet to see a single line in any media in the Arab / muslim world, where it might, just might, have some impact, . – positive impact..

Now, the Muhammed Cartoon Crisis, you may say, is old news and best forgotten.. – Yet, although today, Denmark seems to have fallen down al-Qaeda’s priority list, – in 2012, our peaceful little duck-pond remained a priority target..

Threat or no threat, – what is patently, – or is it blatantly.. clear, is that it is not.. comme-il-faut.., let’s put it that way, to illustrate any story with any depictions of Muhammad. – Whether or not this is due to Islamic intimidation or “respectful” self-censorship.., I’ll leave to you to decide, but I do find it strange, illogical, that not a single newspaper has found it relevant to show us what the fuzz is all about..

Of course, “journalism”, nowadays, often amounts to nothing more than repeating what someone else, e.g. Associated Press, has distributed already, – ( which is why you should read blogs, – this for instance :)  – but as its illustration, The Huffington Post has made the effort to put together an 11-pictures , mainly flag-burning slideshow, so the question remains: Why is it completely cartoon-free.. ? 

Considering that Martin Krasnik, anchor at “Deadline” , news flagship of Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s DR2, in this recent interview with Ahmed Akkari, – (in Danish, naturally), – had the guts to actually show listeners the complete, (in)famous Jyllands-Posten frontpage, the cowardice of international mainstream media should be clear for everyone to see..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The fight for complete Freedom of Speech is far from over…


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Ahmed Akkari, leading imam during Cartoon Crisis regrets involvement.., – apologizes to Kurt Westergaard and all of Denmark..

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No, I am not religious, e.g. Christian, but all the same I like this Bible-verse a lot:

“..there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent“. – (Luke, 15:7)

If you need to know why, let me tell you this: I deeply admire people who have the courage to admit they were wrong, – then turn around and head upstream, whereas I despise self-righteous “dead fish”. Remember: Only dead fish go with the flow..

The “sinner” I have in mind, is Ahmed Akkari, former spokesman for the Islamic Society in Denmark, who’s seen the light, and now warns against the dangerous and intolerant mindset he himself used to represent.

As for the righteous.., – well, too numerous to mention..,but now that Akkari has come out in support of freedom of speech, the leftist Islam-apologetics are strikingly quiet.., suspicioulsy quiet.., – not that I am surprised..

akkari westergaard

Kurt Westergaard, left, recently met Akkari in person, and received an apology for Akkari’s role in the cartoon-crisis.

It is beyond me, however, that not a single foreign newspaper has written about it, – at least not yet, – so these paragraphs below are from The Copenhagen Post:

The search for the ideal society

Akkari has spent his time looking for a country with “peace, serenity and understanding”, a kind of ideal society. He points to the Scandinavian countries, Canada and Australia as examples of ideal societies:

You can’t find many examples of societies like that around the world. So I have deducted that there must be something wrong with those societies where, in the name of religion, individuals are stripped of their right to free expression.”

The world doesn’t need a lid on human expression. That also goes for people you might disagree with. There was something deep-seated in the mentality of the group I belonged to, which I just didn’t notice. There was this fundamental idea that people were not allowed to express themselves freely, and that is just wrong,”

Were the (Muhammad) cartoons misused ?

The way I see it today, yes. Behind all the talk of protecting religious imagery, there is always power and abuse,” he said. “It is simply revolting.”

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Charlie Hebdo: To print or not to print..

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UPDATE, – Jan. 9, – 2015:
CHARLIE HEBDO & JYLLANDS POSTEN cartoons: A 100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter !

You heard the news about the firebombing of French Satirical Maazine “Charlie Hebdo”, – right ? – Of course you did, and you probably know also, that the attack had something to do with “the religion of peace”, – right ? – More specifically, it had a lot to do with a hilarious obnoxious, Islamophobic frontpage-cartoon that – surprise, surprise – offended some gelotophobic Islamists, sensitive followers of said religion of peace, – so.. have you SEEN that frontpage ?

Since you read blogs, you have maybe seen it, especially if you also read the socalled anti-Jihadist blogs, but most likely not if you only stick to mainstream-blogs like, say,  The Huffington Post, and if you are used to get your information from TV and / or newspapers.., – well, – then my guess would be that you have not seen it, but if you know of a “decent” newspaper anywhere in the world that has printed the cartoon, please let me know , ‘cause I haven’t seen it, not even in any DANISH newspaper ! – (I’ll get back to that).

Ok, – so before we continue, – here it is: – (and if you really don’t know what it is all about, then read here).

                        (100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter when reading this)

Now, – we can discuss at length why exactly it is you don’t see this frontpage in any mainstream-media, – e.g.  political correctness, self-censorship, cowardice.. , – but it should be clear to everyone, that from a purely journalistic viewpoint, it is odd indeed.., – and if you really don’t see this, – consider this Charlie Hebdo Frontpage
A headline in English newspaper The Guardian reads:

Charlie Hebdo front cover depicts Muslim man kissing cartoonist

Muslim man kissing cartoonist.. ?! – In other words: Gay Muslim kissing (Islamophobic) cartoonist ! – I mean,- why on earth are we not allowed to see “L’AMOUR Plus Fort Que la Haine” ?– (Love (is) stronger than hate)
Get it now ? – We have a clear-cut instance of (self)CENSORSHIP at our hands, most likely a combination of political correctness, cowardice and FEAR, – probably not in that order..

Before I continue, I’d like to state what ought to be self-evident about the quint-essential importance of free speech. I am quoting from Abigail R. Esman at Forbes:

..free speech is perhaps the most precious of all the gifts democracy offers.  It is what allows us to know the truth of things. It is what allows us the right to knowledge, to investigation, and through knowledge, the ability to choose for ourselves the characters and content of our own lives.  It is what provides us with progress in science, in medicine, in opportunities to advance the lives and living conditions of people all over the world – yes, including in Muslim countries like Somalia and Afghanistan and Tunisia…

It should be equally self-evident, therefore, how essential it is to support Charlie Hebdo, – just as it was essential for Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, (in)famous for printing the Mo-toons back in 2005. Charlie Hebdo, of course, did support Jyllands-Posten, by publishing all 12 cartoons plus one of their own, so I’ve got to tell you this: I am deeply ashamed on behalf of Jyllands-Posten, who has now joined ranks with all the other ball-less newspapers and has not published any of the recent cartoons, – not even this one, that really drives home a point if you ask me..

Note: It is not known who actually carried out the firebombing and it COULD be just some drunken youth. This cartoon, therefore, is (somewhat..) misleading, but whoever did it is irrelevant for this blog-post and will not change one comma.

The sad truth of the matter is this: Violence, threats of violence, intimidation etc. WORKS !! – and it is a fact, that there have been several serious attempts to attack the Jyllands-Posten headquarters and “of course” cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and cultural editor Flemming Rose. In an editorial, – Jyllands-Posten – 2011-11-03,  – explains: (Google translation, plus some editing).

“Every prevented attempt at terror against the newspaper is one big denial of the allegations that free speech is not at all under pressure and that Jyllands-Posten just invented a reason to publish cartoons. Freedom of expression is under pressure now as then, – there is still an intimidation of the public debate, and the recent attack in Paris is just the latest evidence.
In this way, the debates on freedom of expression proved more important than we imagined back then.”

“Charlie Hebdo stood side by side with Jyllands-Posten when we needed it the most – and while other media were busy looking  away. At Jyllands-Posten, we understand fully the rage and frustration, but also the feeling of powerlessness, which the Charlie Hebdo employees and owners must feel right now.”

“Does violence work? – One must be firm in one’s faith, just to dismiss the question.  Unfortunately, one must answer in the affirmative. But this much is certain: Bending to the violence provides not less violence but more violence.”

“Jyllands-Posten has lived in a kind of siege in the past five to six years. It’s less than a year ago that what is described as a large-scale terrorist attack on our head-quarters  in Copenhagen was averted . We would like to say that  we will keep fighting  for  a higher cause, whatever it takes. But we must be realistic.
We live and work in a security context, which can be called extreme. That has led us to make the decision not to press the French drawing.

“We never imagined that one newspaper can  win the battle alone.  The entire civil society must contribute. During the cartoon crisis, there were many who were too busy to relativize violence and principles. Charlie Hebdo paid the night of yesterday a portion of the price. We have learned that cracks in the defense of freedom of speech is exploited mercilessly. Jyllands-Posten has become a symbol for fanatics; now Charlie Hebdo,  the French magazine that has done nothing but keeping a nice, publicistic tradition.”

So, – there you have it: Violence can work, and Jyllands-Posten is yet another, sad, living proof ! – They seem to really have lost it. I mean, on the one hand they state that bending to violence “provides not less, but more violence”, – yet that is exactly what they are doing ! – although they do list a number of other.. – bla-bla-bla.. reasons for going into hiding.

Not so in the case of Charlie Hebdo, which is why I am stressing that violence can work instead of does work. Charlie Hebdo is refusing categorically and emphatically to bend to pressures, and the good news is that they are getting wide support from within France. The staff has moved momentarily to the headquarters of French newspaper “Libération“, – (what a truly appropriate name !), – and  that newspaper amazingly hit newsstands with a four-page supplement /reproduction of Charlie Hebdo cartoons wrapped around copies.

Voilà! –  Vive la libération !

Not so in English speaking circles.. – Not only do they “shy away” from publishing any cartoons, – a major newspaper like the New York Times has yet to publish an editorial in support of Charlie Hebdo, as  noted by Abigail R. Esman:  The Firebombing Of Charlie Hebdo And The Continuing Fight Against Radical Islam In The West

She goes on to say:

I have yet to hear of Charlie Hebdo T-shirts being sold on the sidewalks of LA. I have seen no Support Charlie Hebdo signs in the “Occupy-Anywhere” demonstrations.
So here’s a little whisper in those editorial and protesting ears: If you truly value what you stand for, support them. Speak out: against Islamism, against terrorism, against the intolerance and subjugation of the free — and for the peaceful, simple power of the image and the word.”

Now, it is one thing to back down and hide in the bush out of fear and out of concern for the safety of your staff. – I mean.. at least that is understandable to some extent, – and forgivable.., – it is another being stabbed in the back by self-righteous halfwits political opponents. The defense of freedom of speech really should transgress political boundaries, but has very much become a partisan left-right issue. Here some examples:

English The Guardian, 2 November 2011:
The attack is “A disturbing reminder of the underground tensions in society” –
Read: We only have ourselves to blame, – our Islamophobia and discrimination of minorities..

The Guardian, 21 July 2007 :
..the cartoonists and their publishers, who seemed impervious to Muslim sensibilities, failed to live up to their own liberal values, since the principle of free speech implies respect for the opinions of others”.

Read: Respect for the opinions of others implies self-censorship, when “others”, – be they gelotophobic sensitive Islamists, Chinese, Russian and numerous other bullies, Syrian, Saudi-Arabian and numerous other dictators and you name them, – are of the “opinion” that we should “respect” them just the way they say we must respect them: By shutting up and being obedient..

Bruce Crumley, Time Magazine / “Global Spin” blog, November 2, 2011 :
What common good is served by creating more division and anger, and by tempting belligerent reaction? – The difficulty in answering that question is also what’s making it hard to have much sympathy for the French satirical newspaper firebombed this morning, after it published another stupid and totally unnecessary edition mocking Islam“.

Read: We do support freedom of expression, BUT, – (and there’s always a but..) – we should not say, write, draw anything “unnecessary”, – and WE decide what is necessary and what is not… In short: The “Charia Hebdo” attack was really a foreseeable consequenc of Its Own Obnoxious Islamaphobia.

Get it ? – Blame the victims !

Think about it: If a reader, so offended by Crumley’s excuse-making for theocratic nutcases, bombs TIME’s Paris Bureau, would that make Crumley a “victim” of his own obnoxious cowardice?

How  Orwellian it has all become..

Danish left-wing and highly intellectual newspaper
Information” did publish the Charlie Hebdo frontpage. As you can see, the photo shows the devastation and the cartoon / frontpage, which is what “information” is all about, – no.. ?
I am told , that another Danish newspaper, – “Weekend-Avisen”, – also published it, and I will have to trust this is true, as I don’t have online-access to that paper, so maybe there is hope still..  – That does not, however, make up for the truly disappointing fact, that “Jyllands-Posten” did not publish it.

Compare the two photos below.. – The one without the frontpage-cartoon, – (or similar photos), –  is what you will see in newspapers everywhere, – New York Times, The Guardian, etc. etc. – Do ask yourself WHY ??

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