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Pew Research: Increasing “concerns” about Islamic extremism among Arab Muslims..

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This blog  takes pride in avoiding the soft bigotry of low expectations, especially in relation to Islam(ism) and the Middle East, and is more than pleased to report any positive news, like, for instance:

  • Hamas viewed negatively, even in Palestinian territories..
  • Strong majorities in most countries have unfavorable opinions of al Qaeda..
  • Boko Haram reviled in Nigera..
  • Pakistanis have no love for Taliban..
  • Hezbollah disliked in Middle East..

Concerns about Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Middle East   Pew Research Center s Global Attitudes Project

Read more:

Concerns about Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Middle East


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Hot Sexy (in)appropriately dressed Muslim women | Pew research and Middle Eastern Values survey

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Update:   Hot sEXy (in)appropriately dressed Muslim Women 3.0 !

Note: Also check out Hot Sexy (in)appropriately dressed Muslim Women 2.0 !

There is nothing more uplifting to the human spirit than to appreciate and admire beauty“, –

writes Bernie Planck, and challenges his readers to answer which one of these two photos, below, make them appreciate and admire the human species, and tell him which one is repugnant to nature

          Claudia-Lynx-golden-meanClaudia lynx - Burka                                    Claudia Lynx                               same woman ? – in Burka

Less uplifting, – in fact downright depressing, – are these data, below, from Middle Eastern Values survey:

 What Style of Dress is Appropriate for Women  in Public ?

% who say woman is dressed appropriatelyAppropriate dress in Muslim countries - pewresearch

PewResearch has this comment:

Even as publics in many of the surveyed countries express a clear preference for women to dress conservatively, many also say women should be able to decide for themselves what to wear..”

No sh.. ! – What kind of apologetic bulls… is that ?! – Should I laugh or should I cry..

Femen - fuck your morals

FEMEN, – the world’s most  provocative activist group, – rather less apologetically, has this to say : Fuck your morals ! Fuck Islamism !
“Islamophobes”, you say ? Think again: Infanticide, child marriage and slavery, genital mutilation, , rape, forced marriagehonor killings, tracking, beating, whipping , stoning, acid attacks..

Pakistani-Norwegian comedian and famous “Mullah-lifter”, Shabana Rehman, puts it this way:

Shabana Rehman - "Mullah Lifter" - http://tinyurl.com/aezrtpo

Shabana Rehman – “Mullah Lifter” – http://tinyurl.com/aezrtpo

As for myself.. – why not take heed of Bernie Planck’s wise words.. – Let, therefore, these photos speak for themselves !


(Recommended: Veena Malik Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior)

Deeyah- The Muslim Madonna                                      Deeyah- “The Muslim Madonna”

Deeyah: From popstar to activist

Sherlyn Chopra, – half Muslim and half Christian with a Persian ancestry, and India’s first ever Playboy-cover girl..

Inappropriate ? – Ok, – here are some decently covered women for you..


And now, before I get carried away, I will finish this post with this.. this.. “Slut-walk” you say ?? – Nope, – BURKA BABE !  Slut-walk


Hot Sexy (in)appropriately dressed Muslim Women 2.0

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A wife is always obliged to obey…, – says ? % of muslim men AND women, according to Pew Research Center Survey

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Update, June 7, : Also published at ImmortalLife

Sorry folks, but it sure ain’t easy to stay positive for long when it comes to Islam. Sure, there are some democratically-minded muslims, and it is possible to find progressive muslims, but if this new Pew Research Center Survey can be trusted, it is very depressing indeed. Consider, for instance, these key-findings:

Percentage of men and women (!!), who say: “a wife is always obliged to obey her husband” :

Malaysia: 96% !!!!
Afghanistan 94% !!!
Indonesia ,Tunisia : 93% !!
Morocco, Iraq: 92% !

On the upside, majorities in many countries surveyed say a woman should be able to decide for herself whether to wear a veil.

How truly progressive…

Percentage of Muslims who say they want sharia to be “the official law of the land:

Afghanistan 99%                       Obs: ( I am running out of exclamation marks..)
Palestinian territories: 89%
Egypt: 74%
Indonesia: 72%
Nigeria:  71%

And on the “upside”: “Only” 8 % of muslims in Azerbaijan have wet Sharia dreams..

Full report (Pdf): Click on this map:

The World’s Muslims- Religion, Politics and Society - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

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Worldwide image of the United States..

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Actually, I find this quiz a bit silly, if not very silly. It’s not that the worldwide image of the United States is not interesting and important, it IS, and very much so, but I believe I could have come up with far better questions than you’ll find here. Anyway, I thought I’d publish at least something, now that I’ve been lacking inspiration a couple of days..

I really should write more about Zoltan Istvan and his Tranhumanism page-turner of a book, The Transhumanist Wager, – the best damn’ book I’ve read in years, – something a bit more demanding than posting a relatively stupid Pew Research Center quiz, so.. bear with me.. and have fun with this quiz after all : )

U.S. Global Image Quiz - Pew Global Attitudes

How much do you know about the worldwide image of the United States ?

U.S. Global Image Quiz - Pew Global Attitudes Project

Ps. I failed miserably myself, – with 5 / 10 correct answers, but I bet you can’t do better  #*~^?!

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Science knowledge quiz for dummies..

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I am often amazed how many stupid people there are in this world, but I am amazed also how intelligent some of us are. – (Let’s be clear: I don’t count myself  within the ranks of either group). – Of course, some people are not stupid at all, just un-educated.., but even highly educated people fail to answer the simplest of questions. Consider, for instance, this question which, in my opinion, everyone who’s made it past high-school, should be able to answer:

What gas do most scientists believe causes temperatures in the atmosphere to rise?

Incredibly, – and I really do find this hard to believe, – only 3 out of 4 with College Grad + education answered this question correctly, and of people with “some college” education – (the category to which I belong myself) – only 55% gave the correct answer.

As you can see below, my score was 12/13, which I think is embarrassing ! – I mean.. for Chr… sake, these questions are really for dummies, or apparently they ain’t, according to this Pew Research Center quiz

Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz - Pew Research Center

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